1. Codio cloud IDE Launches Codio:Annotations
5/1/2013 6:53:16 AM
Codio cloud IDE Launches Codio:Annotations
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Codio cloud IDE Launches Codio:Annotations

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Press Announcements Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Codio:Annotations, a brand new embedded comments & training feature within the Codio cloud IDE has launched to public beta today. With Codio:Annotations, anyone can embed annotations directly within the Codio IDE to create rich, interactive tutorials.
Codio:Annotations is built on the Codio IDE, the 100% web-based HTML5, CSS, JS front-end developer platform for websites and mobile apps that works direct from any web browser. No installations or sign up required. Just dive in and start creating code. Codio:Annotations marks the end of flat, lengthy, text-heavy tutorials that go on and on and on. Instead, an entire tutorial can be embedded directly within one instance of the Codio IDE and manipulated straight from the web browser.

Read more: https://codio.com/s/docs/annotations/