7/30/2016 2:00:13 PM
CloudFabrix Launches New AppDimensions Application Analytics and Intelligence Platform
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CloudFabrix Launches New AppDimensions Application Analytics and Intelligence Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Analytics Saturday, July 30, 2016

CloudFabrix has announced its AppDimensions application analytics and intelligence platform is now generally available. The PaaS solution provides cross-layer and cross-domain application operations analytics irrespective of underlying technology stacks.

AppDimensions offers predictive analytics and optimizations by leveraging iterative data explorations and machine learning capabilities. It helps enterprises with three steps during application transformation or modernization initiatives:

1 - Discover and Assess: Enterprises learn its baselines of existing application and infrastructure footprint before proceeding to migrations and modernization. Provides programmatic way of base lining current state with automated discovery to learn and analyze application artifacts deployed across multiple environments. These baselines help customers with cost, compatibility and cloud migration readiness assessments needed for modernization.

2 - Define and Govern: Customers can define their business and operations objectives or outcomes. Once the outcomes are defined, AppDimensions governs, monitors and ensures whether the application is meeting the defined outcomes or not. It also provides recommendations and remediations to meet the outcomes.

3 - Predict and Optimize: Once customers get to discover and govern their applications for some observation learning period, AppDimensions helps them with predictive analytics on how to optimize their resources and operations so they can extract maximum value from their own data. The platform also predicts negative outcomes before they happen and recommends preventive measures.

Benefits for company’s that use the platform include:

- Consistent and guaranteed application operational performance irrespective of underlying technology or environment from business and operator point of view. Simplifies and streamlines operations to become cloud-agnostic.

- Successfully implement digital transformation and modernization initiatives while fully aligning with business objectives. Standardizes decision-making process that is focused on business and operational outcomes.

- Provides a comprehensive view of target cloud or on-premise environments to help in audits, assessments and standardization.

- Unifies management and governance of core traditional and modern applications across on-prem and cloud environments unlike BiModal IT.

- Delivers new insights and unified application intelligence from large volumes of operations and application data. Reduces costs and effort by preempting outage incidents and negative outcomes with predictive intelligence.

Use cases include:

- Legacy App Transformation: AppDimensions takes a unique approach to minimize disruption without any application forklifting and brings flexibility. It guides enterprises through series of steps to specify outcomes based transformation that can be implemented in phases. Its scoring method and analytics driven approach will allow the enterprise IT to easily track the progress at any stage of transformation.

- Cloud Migration & Multi-Cloud Enablement: Enables multi-cloud choice for container, virtual, bare metal or mixed-mode multi-tier applications by integrating with preferred cloud management platforms and cloud providers. It guides through series of steps from discovery to assessment to governance to optimum performance.

- Data Center Governance & Operations Automation: Delivers holistic Datacenter governance across all layers of application stack with comprehensive visibility and control of many application operational dimensions like performance, security, availability, cost, compliance.

- Infrastructure Modernization: Enables traditional and rigid infrastructures to become agile and operate as a cloud by transforming the target environment to operate in a software defined approach with many self-governance capabilities.

- DevOps Automation: Improves DevOps process and tools efficiency by providing visibility into business outcomes driven key metrics and workflow integrations by governing the underlying DevOps tools to deliver successful and automated DevOps implementation.

- Micro-Governance of Cloud Native Applications: Makes cloud native applications more secure, scalable and self-governing with Macaw microservices platform that allows customers to build, test and run native or custom microservices in an efficient manner. Macaw also provides real-time event visualization, services social graph and event sequencing with approval injections to provide advanced micro-governance for cloud native apps with higher density of microservices.

Read more: https://www.cloudfabrix.com/

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