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Cloud Hosting Provider iland Announces New API and SDKs
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Cloud Hosting Provider iland Announces New API and SDKs

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in API Monday, April 4, 2016

Cloud hosting provider iland has announced its new cloud API, providing companies with the ability to access cloud data, deploy workloads, and integrate the iland cloud into their own management tools. Along with the Restful API release, the company is releasing Python, Java and Golang software development kits (SDKs).

The iland Enterprise Cloud Services-Advanced Security (ECS-AS) platform integrates security, compliance, disaster recovery, backup, monitoring and resource management functionality. The iland ECS is built on the open source Apache Cassandra global data warehouse, providing a Big Data back-end for intelligent control, automation and reporting capabilities.

With the new iland cloud API, companies have the option of programmatically interfacing with the iland Cloud and all of its features. The API and SDKs provide access to the complete functionality integrated into the iland cloud, assembled into a single stack of accessible services. 

The new API and SDK’s provide the following functionality:

- DevOps and Operations automation: Developers and systems engineers can rapidly spin up virtual machines or configure systems using their existing deployment tools. There is no need for extended training or a deep understanding of the data structure and workflow to add a connector. The straightforward SDKs mean creating the lightweight cloud interfaces can be simple. 

- Operations integration: Operations teams can access and visually integrate cloud data alongside their other monitoring tools in a single display or network operations center.

- Reporting Flexibility: Whether delivering billing reports or assembling executive updates, the API can ensure IT can easily and accurately demonstrate cloud success.

- Data to fuel innovation: With access to the iland Big Data back-end, customers can leverage performance, capacity, usage, security and compliance information about their systems to drive decision-making, prioritization, and IT innovation.

Read more: http://www.iland.com/

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