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3/1/2022 1:42:09 PM
CI CD solution from CircleCI and ionir
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CI CD solution from CircleCI and ionir


CI CD solution from CircleCI and ionir

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Richard Harris Richard Harris

CircleCI and ionir announced a partnership to offer a CI/CD solution that meets customers' DevOps needs while remaining scalable and simple to use. Some benefits from the partnership include accelerated data movement, less complexity, data management, scalable testing, and much more.

ionir announced it has become a technology partner with CircleCI to offer customers a streamlined CI/CD solution. This effort aligns with ionir’s initiative to meet market needs and accommodate customers’ DevOps needs with cloud-native CI/CD solutions that are scalable and easy to use.

CircleCI manages, automates, and ensures that the DevOps lifecycle platform is running smoothly, and applications move quickly down the continuous integration pipeline. With this partnership, ionir customers can accelerate CI/CD deployments for cloud-native workflows.

CI/CD solution from CircleCI and ionir

The partnership enables ionir’s Kubernetes platform to be connected by an ionir provided orb, a reusable snippet of code that helps automate repeated processes, speed up project set-up, and enable easy integration with third-party tools. Orbs provide an out-of-the-box solution for managing the most important services in a user’s pipeline. ionir is the first Kubernetes data services solution in the orb repository.

ionir customers will benefit from the CircleCI partnership in multiple ways:

Accelerated data movement

By reducing the time for tasks that involve data movement in CI/CD pipelines, ionir can reduce data wait times in the CI/CD process by as much as 90%. 

Greater capability, less complexity

The partnership makes it possible to easily integrate cloud-native data services that are fully programmable and microservices-based. There is no need for the complexity of managing legacy storage platforms. 

Repeatable, scalable testing

The ionir platform’s advanced data services capabilities power faster incremental builds and error-free, repeatable, and scalable testing. This enables broader coverage and better targeting of tests, which allows applications to be delivered faster with higher quality. 

Testing with real-life data

ionir’s Teleport feature enables any volumes in a customer’s Kubernetes environment to be shared and copied with any other cluster environment, allowing DevOps and QA teams to use real data in CI/CD pipelines and frequently update data sets. 

Combining storage and data management

ionir’s CNS runs on the same nodes (bare-metal servers or cloud instances) that run Jenkins in a Kubernetes cluster. That means there is no dedicated infrastructure needed for hosting separate storage and data management hardware.

Tom Trahan, vice president of business development, CircleCI, said: "When you’re leaning on your CI/CD system to deliver faster, managing your application data effectively can take it to another level. The ionir and CircleCI integration enables users to leverage Kubernetes-native storage to accelerate their pipelines and deployments. ionir’s instant clone functionality and data mobility deliver data where it is needed, quickly. This approach is a great opportunity to take the next step in your DevOps journey."

Barak Nissim, solutions director, ionir, said: "Kubernetes adoption is escalating fast, but one barrier remains: data cannot be moved quickly. We deliver Kubernetes Native Data Services that eliminate data gravity, and CircleCI’s platform offers a more modern approach to CI/CD. Our partnership extends our value in the CI/CD space and underscores our commitment to delivering offerings that best serve customers."

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