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CES 2015: House of Marley Debut State Of The Art Additions To Its Personal Audio And Lifestyle Products
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CES 2015: House of Marley Debut State Of The Art Additions To Its Personal Audio And Lifestyle Products

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The 2015 House of Marley lineup were plentiful at CES, featuring a plethora of additions to its collection. CES 2015 attendees did not have to travel far to feel, hear and experience the latest in audio. House of Marley released its state-of-the-art additions in Las Vegas to introduce its best of personal audio and lifestyle products.

House of Marley offered a remastered One Foundation audio system with Qualcomm® AllPlay™. The One Foundation sound system is important because it features the latest in streaming technology, with the Qualcomm® AllPlay™ smart media platform. One reason House of Marley’s products are one-of-a-kind is that the company is deeply rooted in Bob Marley’s vision of consciousness, change and upliftment. The Journey BT wireless Bluetooth + aptX® in-ear headphones are also new, as well as the Tribute premium lifestyle over-ear headphones.

The One Foundation sound bar features magnetic breakaway speaker grills with a custom glazed oak wood baffle. It enhances the 1” high-definition tweeters and audio system’s 5.25” high-output woofers. It also includes Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi capabilities with AllPlay to stream music directly from the users’ local server, phone, tablet or cloud in creating a harmonized synchronization between all of its speakers. 

In addition to the One Foundation, a variety of re-skinned products by House of Marley will debut at CES for 2015. These products feature dynamic designs and new color palettes. They include JOURNEY BT In-Ear Headphones, MYSTIC In-Ear Headphones, ROAR On-Ear Headphones, TRIBUTE Over-Ear Headphones LEGEND ANC™ Over-Ear Headphones, CHANT MINI Speaker and CHANT BT SPORT Speaker.

House of Marley produces a sonically superior and sustainable lifestyle brand. The company is engineered around shared experiences and good living. House of Marley showed off new personal and home audio systems with standout products that connects its users with their music. The company had an impressive array of product lines which also promoted the outstanding craftsmanship and quality that is the House of Marley lifestyle.

Read more: http://www.thehouseofmarley.com/one-foundation.htm...

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