1. Caspio Releases HIPAA Compliant Enterprise Application Development Platform
7/31/2014 6:19:04 AM
Caspio Releases HIPAA Compliant Enterprise Application Development Platform
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Caspio Releases HIPAA Compliant Enterprise Application Development Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Thursday, July 31, 2014

To deliver HIPAA compliance, Caspio upgraded its Platform-as-a-Service offering with specific technology, policies and procedures that keep electronic patient health information in compliance with regulations.

Highlights of the new Caspio HIPAA Enterprise Platform:

- Business Associate Agreement (BAA):  Caspio maintains BAAs with its vendors and offers a BAA to its customers, partners and affiliates developing on the platform.

- Data Encryption: All data is encrypted during transit and while at rest within the database.

- Audit Trail: System-wide audit logs record all user access to data (read, write, edit and delete) and are encrypted in a separate environment.

- HIPAA-Compliant Infrastructure: All HIPAA customer accounts reside on an entirely separate and dedicated infrastructure running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

- Automatic Upgrades and Maintenance: Ongoing software upgrades and patches are automatically included in Caspio's cloud-based service.

Popular application examples include online patient portals, health insurance exchanges, clinical trial databases, and knowledge sharing.

Examples of specific use cases for the platform include:

- EMR/EHR systems
- Patient registration and check-in
- Training/certification programs
- Medical device tracking
- Knowledgebase systems
- Health insurance exchanges
- Personal Health Record (PHR) portals
- Clinical trial programs
- Resource scheduling
- Alternative health and services

Caspio’s Professional Services team is available to provide consulting and custom development expertise for companies who don’t have the in-house infrastructure to create custom applications. 

Read more: http://www.caspio.com/hipaa.aspx