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AHOY started in 2015 when founder Sylvia Brune, sent her WhatsApp number out to 3 frequent flyers. She told them, "if you're ever stuck or frustrated when travelling, just WhatsApp me and I'll fix it." She had experienced first-hand how stressful frequent business travel could be, and was determined to find out why.

As the WhatsApp number was passed around among colleagues at Uber, Buzzfeed, and Meltwater, the increasing amount of requests got out of hand. She was introed to developer twins, Bartosz and Michal Hernas. After chatting in a cafe in Berlin, the brothers decided to join AHOY and build the service into an app. 

AHOY's mission is to bring back the joy of frequent flying, by giving business travellers a powerful tool to hold, book, change, and personalise their journey at the tap of a button. For anything that isn't automated yet, the a human powered support chat is instantly available 24/7.



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