1. Bright Box delivers AI marketing system for dealerships
10/30/2017 1:26:30 PM
Bright Box delivers AI marketing system for dealerships
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Bright Box delivers AI marketing system for dealerships

Monday, October 30, 2017

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

AI marketing platform, Remoto AI, is helping dealerships collect driver data and target audiences more effectively with AI.

Bright Box has recently released Honda Connected Car services for European countries, and implements an AI system that could replace salesmen in car dealerships. This AI can evaluate the customer's lifestyle and recommend accessories, can sell cars based on driving style and the individual’s lifestyle. Not only that it is able to predict when the user needs to go in for a service from the data generated from the telematic control unit or OBD dongle. The new system is based on work that Bright Box has done with the processing of 90 terabytes of data from connected car users from various countries.

The team of Bright Box researched and evaluated segmentation drivers by their driving style and vehicle usage patterns in order to offer drivers from different categories a certain set of products and services: appropriate accessories, new car sales or an upcoming service visit. For instance, if a customer has a record of driving aggressively at night, it may make sense to offer them new tires optimized for these particular conditions or 19 inch wheels. If a customer has relocated to the countryside, it might be appropriate to offer them a test-drive of a new, more suitable crossover. The Remoto AI can forecast the next service visit. It works based on the driver’s behaviour, on the “look-alike” principle with very high probability. Therefore, a typical consultant at a dealership works with an average of 100 customers. Bright Box enables dealerships to provide a personal consultant to every customer in the form of an intelligent application.

The quality of provided services depends solely on the amount of collected data. Bright Box has been collecting data for over 5 years. Each connected car unit from Bright Box generates up to 8.7 million records (status records) - over 2.3 million car status entries on the average. As a result of this, the company has accumulated over 90 terabytes of connected car data from users from different countries.

Therefore, Bright Box created Data Lake on the basis of Microsoft Azure, where terabytes of data gathered from cars are stored in a structured fashion. Upsell forecasts are based on the data from Telematics (mileage, GPS, speed, RPM), as well as from CRM, DMS or ERP systems (customer ID, date of the transaction, breakdowns by work/materials). It can bring insights to light based on the data.

The platform can then determine the likelihood of a response to an offer from a dealer based on every driver's indicators. If this probability reaches a certain value required to trigger a marketing or service campaign, a push notification is sent to the user's email or phone. The car owner receives a minimally-interactive message. If the customer is interested, Remoto AI offers to send them an application, open a chat window, or schedule a return call from a dealer for further communication. The customer's reaction affects the evaluation of the probability of their responding to similar offers in the future.

AI-based algorithms detect driver behaviour changes in order to offer them new cars or accessories. Now Bright Box has offered this AI solution first for their customers. Remoto AI can be connected to any available Connected Car solution, and get the same results. Implementation of a new solution takes around a month. In 2019, the company plans to influence car manufacturers and their processes in the sense letting them know that a system or indicator they supply is not used by drivers.

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