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12/8/2015 3:16:44 PM
Biometric Security Can Leave a Lasting Impression
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Biometric Security Can Leave a Lasting Impression


Biometric Security Can Leave a Lasting Impression

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bernard Brafman Bernard Brafman

Each year faster processors and new APIs offer developers more tools to use in the creation of their apps. While these advances offer opportunities, new capabilities also mean users expect the apps they use to perpetually improve update after update, and user experience is a chart topper on the list of elements they want improved.

One easy way to create a better app experience for users, and rise above the competition, is to offer greater protection of user data without adding more headaches. Increasingly, the way to do that is through biometrics instead of complex passwords and easily hackable pin codes. With companies like Sensory offering an easy-to-implement SDK for face and voice biometrics, it has never been easier to integrate this type of simple to use yet extremely secure biometric authentication technology.

Developers creating apps that handle any kind of personal information can benefit from biometric security. While banking and healthcare apps are obvious candidates for the addition of this technology, the expectations for user security are constantly on the rise as hackers are always looking for new ways of worming their ways into the lives of their targets. That means users are looking for increased security in all their apps - even games.

The trust customers place in app developers is enormous and apps that don’t meet a constantly rising bar of expectations often end up getting deleted. There are tons of ideas left to be explored and thousands of apps that can be executed better by creating an improved user experience. The bottom line is that developers can’t miss out on any opportunity to make their apps more powerful, easier to use or more secure and biometric security is one way to do that.

The benefits of adding biometrics are universal. While thumbprint sensors often only come on high-end phones, practically all app-capable devices feature front-facing cameras and microphones that can be used for biometric authentication. This offers app developers a win-win scenario, using biometrics to set themselves apart from competitors while simultaneously offering greater protection to users.

As developers look for ways to differentiate their apps and improve overall user experience, the security provided by embedded biometrics offer a way to provide users peace of mind and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Read more: http://www.sensory.com/
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