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5/9/2023 9:20:26 AM
Best alternative app store of the year award goes to AppGallery
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Best alternative app store of the year award goes to AppGallery


Best alternative app store of the year award goes to AppGallery

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

AppGallery recently won the ‘Best Alternative App Store of the Year’ at the Mobile Games Awards 2023. AppGallery offers a wide range of popular global games and local apps that make life more convenient for users and regularly runs seasonal campaigns offering exclusive promotions and discounts.

AppGallery has won 'Best Alternative App Store of the Year' at the Mobile Games Awards (MGA) 2023 at an industry gala event held at BAFTA in London. A prestigious recognition that celebrates the very best in mobile, this award is an acknowledgment of AppGallery's commitment to users and developers. Not only is it an avenue where users can easily download the apps and games they need, but it is also a smart ecosystem where developers can drive innovative app experiences.

Since its launch in 2018, AppGallery has seen uninterrupted growth, firmly establishing itself as one of the world's top three app marketplaces. Serving over 580 million monthly active users, a 10% increase outside of China in the past 12 months, AppGallery continues to offer a wide range of popular global games and local apps that make life more convenient for users.

The best alternative app store of the year award goes to AppGallery

"As countries all over the world highlight the importance of Alternative App Stores for a healthier Mobile Market, we are immensely proud and honored to win this award. This is a critical milestone in the recognition of our dedication to our partners and users. The growth and success of AppGallery are largely due to the trust and strong support they have in us, even from our very humble beginnings. We will continue to work tirelessly to be that go-to Mobile App and Games marketplace across all Android phones, and hopefully all phones in the near future, for the best user experience and the platform that helps developers reach their maximum potential," said Jaime Gonzalo, VP Huawei Mobile Services Europe.

User satisfaction is a top priority for AppGallery

AppGallery constantly works on collaborations with the world's top brands and gaming developers. This is to ensure that consumers are given unique and smart experiences and have access to some of the most sought-after mobile games. To make it even more enticing for gamers, AppGallery regularly runs seasonal campaigns offering exclusive promotions. They include discounts with app downloads, rebates on in-app purchases, and even exclusive gift packs and bonuses that help them stay ahead in the game they are playing. AppGallery also runs yearly Game Fest campaigns to encourage users to explore new ways to play on the platform with a series of exclusive benefits.

Gamers will be spoilt for choice on AppGallery. The availability of in-demand games supported by generous user deals demonstrates the platform's capacity to cater to the diverse preferences of gamers in the European region. Apart from games, AppGallery consists of applications across 18 categories including news, social media, finance, entertainment, and more. This means that all aspects of a user's digital life will be met.

In fact, AppGallery has seen an increased interest among other Android users. Just last year alone, the app store saw a notable uplift in non-Huawei Android gamers among this group. Thanks to the inclusive nature of the platform, non-Huawei users can easily gain access to AppGallery. First, they need to download and install AppGallery from its website. Next, install HMS Core, AppGallery will not work without it, and finally create a Huawei ID for downloading apps and games.

Unwavering full stack support for developers through collaborative partnerships

Unwavering full-stack support for developers through collaborative partnerships

AppGallery places a rich array of tools, capabilities, and other resources at developers' disposal, allowing more than 6 million Huawei-registered developers to grow their businesses in new and unprecedented ways. With strong interconnected integration and HMS Core capabilities available, as well as a dedicated technical support team, developers can unleash the full power of innovation.

AppGallery also provides a favorable revenue-sharing model and abundant marketing resources to accelerate the commercial monetization of global developers. According to Business of Apps, 79% of game apps use IAP for monetization, and IAP accounts for 48.2% of mobile app earnings. This is why the IAP revenue sharing proportion provided by Huawei for developers is higher than the industry average, thereby benefiting developers in the long run.

AppGallery aims to continue providing users with wide availability of apps and not limit accessibility based on ecosystems. By staying open and transparent, the platform will continue to protect the interest of users and build strong and collaborative partnerships with developers to ensure the flourishing development of the ecosystem.

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