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11/12/2021 9:04:40 AM
BEASY and RAG team up
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BEASY and RAG team up


BEASY and RAG team up

Friday, November 12, 2021

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

BEASY and RAG team up to deliver blockchain utility to RAG’s members. Blockchain Made Easy and Recording Artist Guild signed a multi-year enterprise licensing agreement. BEASY’s solution works with RAGs systems, allows them to work within their own brand identity, and a lot more.

Blockchain Made Easy, LLC (dba BEASY) and Recording Artist Guild (RAG.ORG) announced that RAG.ORG and Lookhu.com have signed a multi-year enterprise licensing agreement with BEASY to deliver the utility of blockchain to RAG's more than 20,000 members.

BEASY and RAG team up

"We've sought tirelessly to understand and deliver the benefits of blockchain to our members for years and although we succeeded in some ways, we lacked consistency and the ability to scale. We've been talking with everyone who's anyone at the intersection of blockchain and entertainment, and while solutions have advanced, BEASY stands out as our winner. BEASY's solution puts enterprise-grade software and the power to legally trade and enforce ownership in the hands of the artist. It's easy to use, works with all our systems, supports NFT transactions on credit cards, and allows us to do so within our brand identity," said Byron Booker, Chairman, and Founder of RAG.

"We're incredibly grateful and excited to be working with RAG. We started building BEASY three years ago for organizations just like RAG to help their communities realize their dreams. And now our dream is coming true as well," said Bob Kramich, Founder and CEO of BEASY.

For RAG creators or sellers, BEASY provides a complete metaverse identity management solution in one simple package through which they can:

  • Mint, rarify and sell their own digital assets on any NFT marketplace, or directly from their websites.
  • Accept credit cards as a payment method for NFTs.
  • Smarten, manage and control song contracts including fractional ownership splits.
  • Easily onboard friends as fans which expands their serviceable obtainable market and prepares fans to participate in upcoming NFT drops.
  • Establish and manage their official Sovereign Digital Identities including their digital name, official credentials, and accomplishments.
  • Manage their Official Partner Network.
  • Maintain the true state of receivables owed and paid across multiple contracts and multiple mediums, no matter how many or how fractional the ownership or micropayment due.
  • Customize, scale and continuously improve using enterprise-grade BaaS software.
  • Rapidly team with a variety of business partners and sell and go to market.

For buyers and fans, BEASY makes it possible to participate in the digital asset economy without using cryptocurrencies. As most NFT sites require buyers to use cryptocurrencies, the BEASY Wallet allows RAG fans to buy NFTs using credit cards. The buyer benefits from ease of use and the creator benefits from the expansion of their serviceable obtainable market (SOM).

At its highest level, BEASY mainstreams the adoption of blockchain to improve the economic situation of individuals, businesses, and communities.

"BEASY is not a blockchain game and BEASY is not an NFT marketplace. BEASY is Blockchain-as-a-Service software that is easy to install and use and acts as a combined personal notary and digital asset control center. With BEASY, influencers and creators can participate in multiple blockchain-based games and sell NFTs on any NFT marketplace while preserving the true state of how much is owned and owed across all mediums, no matter how fractional the ownership or how micro the payment. What's more is that sellers, while operating in main blockchain networks, can do so without forcing themselves or their clients to ever purchase cryptocurrencies. We allow people to use the assets and the networks without forcing them to use the underlying cryptocurrency. Our aim is to do this to any Dapp and any network, to bring crypto-based solutions to the next billion users," said Bob Kramich, Founder and CEO of BEASY.

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