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12/15/2014 11:00:09 AM
Avocarrot's New Tool Set Aims to Help Developer's Revenue with Native Advertising
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Avocarrots New Tool Set Aims to Help Developers Revenue with Native Advertising


Avocarrot's New Tool Set Aims to Help Developer's Revenue with Native Advertising

Monday, December 15, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Avocarrot recently unveiled its launch of a tool-set for developers that allows the same native ad type of displays (including in-stream ads) that companies like Twitter and Facebook are using for their apps.

The product is a technologically advanced tool for mobile native advertising. The product offers premium eCPMs and users get $2 eCPM on average and up to $8. Avocarrot’s technology is scalable and robust. It has infrastructure which is capable of supporting billions of requests and is automated for faster implementation.

Monetization is one of the most challenging areas for app developers. That’s why so many big brands, like Facebook and Twitter, use native ads in their apps. Now, indie developers can use the same type of ads easily in their apps, using Avocarrot. Avocarrot’s platform can increase revenue by up to 35 percent. 
(Image: Avocarrot technology in use)

Advertisers pay out the premium rates for native ad inventory for the product. The fill rate for programmatic buying and direct relationships with advertisers model was developed to deliver continuous ad serving. There is a 99% fill rate worldwide. The offering also gives the option of flexible payment terms via Paypal or bank transfer.

There are currently over 700 app developers using Avocarrot to generating revenues from native ads. Native ads can enhance the overall add experiences look and feel of the user experience. Native ads are capable of co-existing with any type of monetization solution. App developers can benefit from attractive looking user experience and no costs. A high eCPM is a true result from Avocarrot. The company reports up to 17x higher CTRs.

Avocarrot supports both Android and iOS platforms. The SDKs available at the company’s website. 

Visit http://www.avocarrot.com to learn more.

Read more: http://www.avocarrot.com

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