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Karthick Viswanathan

Karthick Viswanathan

Karthick heads the Products, Evangelism and Marketing efforts for WaveMaker.  He can discuss in-depth, code-level details and just as easily shift focus to business and go-to-market strategies.  As one of the original product managers at WaveMaker, he led the technology and design for WaveMakerOnline, WaveMaker's PaaS offering.  He also established the Customer Success practice for WaveMakerOnline.  Prior to WaveMaker, Karthick occupied various roles in engineering and product management at PegaSystems, IBM and Oracle.  He was one of the seeders for the product management teams for PegaSystems in India and also a key technology contributor behind Oracle Warehouse Builder features, especially the work around parallel processing abilities.  He writes and blogs about modern app development methodologies, including Rapid Application Development, digital transformation, and the API economy.

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