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3/6/2013 10:04:46 PM
Asynchrony Solutions Receives $3 Million in New Funding for Ionic Mobile Practice
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Asynchrony Solutions Receives $3 Million in New Funding for Ionic Mobile Practice

Press Announcements

Asynchrony Solutions Receives $3 Million in New Funding for Ionic Mobile Practice

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Asynchrony (www.asynchrony.com), a Saint Louis-based provider of agile software development, enterprise architecture, and systems integration services for a range of government and commercial customers, today announced $3 million in corporate funding from its parent company, Schafer Corporation.
The proceeds will be used to accelerate the growth of ionic mobile (www.ionicmobile.com), Asynchrony’s Enterprise Mobility C&SI Services practice, specifically for accelerated development of the ionic mobile framework, training of its mobile development resources, and sales and marketing activities.
Ionic mobile develops custom enterprise applications that integrate with legacy systems and business processes. Its ionic mobile framework is a standards based platform that enables the rapid development of mobile applications that integrate securely with enterprise systems and data and other commercial mobility infrastructure products. The platform includes legacy system adapters, shared back-end services, application component libraries, a software development kit, and a suite of end-user applications. Together, they provide an architecturally sound foundation to integrate multiple systems and extend them to create unique mobile solutions for different business needs.
“Ionic mobile is the new name for our mobile practice,” said Bob Elfanbaum, Asynchrony’s General Manager. “Asynchrony has been developing mobile enterprise solutions since the days of the Palm Pilot, Pocket PC and original Blackberry. In fact, in 2003, our team and I wrote one of the first books on enterprise mobility, McGraw Hill’s ‘PDA Security: Incorporating Handhelds into the Enterprise.’ Over the last five years, we’ve developed numerous iOS and Android solutions for enterprise clients. The lessons learned from these projects have led to the development of the ionic mobile architecture and framework.”
Asynchrony has been allocated incremental funding of $4 million to support internally funded development of the Ionic Mobile framework, a doubling of the company's sales staff to support capitalizing on the increased demand for mobile applications, and hiring and training of staff to support the growth of this business segment. The commitment of this funding by Schafer Corporation will support the rapid maturation of Asynchrony's mobile development practice.
“The funding represents our commitment to helping ionic mobile emerge as a significant player in the mobile services market,” said John Gilligan, Schafer Vice Chairman. “Most organizations are still struggling with how to best integrate mobile devices into their enterprise. We believe ionic mobile’s approach offers a compelling solution for both large enterprises and vertical markets such as health and financial services.”

Read more: http://asynchrony.com

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