3/18/2016 4:05:55 PM
Appmobi Adds Enterprise Grade Security to Native Apps
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Appmobi Adds Enterprise Grade Security to Native Apps

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Security Friday, March 18, 2016

Appmobi has launched Appmobi Native Support, an all-in-one solution that adds enterprise-grade security at the code level to both new and existing native iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile apps. 

Appmobi offers a platform dedicated to providing enterprise-grade security to native and Cordova-based HTML5 apps. The Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform integrates and works with a developer’s existing development tools, providing the mobile services required to build secure mobile apps in an easy-to-install package that is hosted on the Appmobi Secure Cloud, an enterprise’s private cloud, or on premise.

Security features include app and device level shared keys for encryption and identity verification as well as integration with most 3rd party authentication systems such as OAUTH, LDAP, and more.

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