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7/22/2020 10:00:53 AM
Applitools adds AI capabilities
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Applitools adds AI capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

Applitools adds AI capabilities

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Applitools has added AI capabilities with smart assistant and auto-maintenance. Dev teams running automated functional, cross-browser, and cross-device tests reduce maintenance time by up to 90 percent and radically improve test efficiency yielding faster, higher quality releases.

Applitools announced new AI capabilities for its end-to-end automated testing platform. Auto-maintenance AI leverages the power of Applitools Visual AI technology to accelerate test maintenance efficiency through virtual assistant recommendations. AI powered smart assist automatically analyzes large batches of test results, often numbering in the hundreds or even thousands of tests. It then removes all redundancies by grouping similar visual and functional regressions together. Applitools auto-maintenance AI instantly performs the mundane and redundant tasks often associated with manual testing without fatigue or errors. It reduces maintenance time by up to 90 percent so users reach better results with less effort, and allow engineering teams to release higher quality apps much faster with greater confidence.

Hundreds of Applitools customers use AI auto-maintenance and smart assist to reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency:

•  "It’s well-known that AI has transformed how businesses make decisions. In today's climate, it’s not only business decisions that benefit from AI - engineering teams are also leveraging AI to help digitally transform their application development,” said Parasar Saha, Enterprise Automation Architect at a leading North American airline. “AI that can reduce repetitive and error-prone tasks to free up time and resources is what you should look for to help transform your team. Applitools AI powered auto-maintenance does exactly this and is a perfect example of how AI can be leveraged effectively."

•  "We use Applitools extensively in our regression testing at Branch,” said Joe Emison, CTO at Branch Financial. “Visual AI is incredibly accurate, but equally impressive are the AI powered maintenance features. With the volume of tests that we run, the time savings that the AI auto-maintenance features afford us are extensive.”

•  "Applitools auto-maintenance AI has transformed the repetitive and tedious process of analysing results into a streamlined process saving us an incredible amount of time," said Marie Drake, Principal Test Automation Engineer at News UK.

Test maintenance overhead is the leading challenge for QA and development teams with most teams spending 40-70 percent of their time on maintenance. As businesses digitally transform, the maintenance work required to ensure a visually and functionally perfect user experience across all browsers, devices, and viewports continues to increase. Dev teams are unable to maintain quality while also working toward faster release cycles.

“Test maintenance is a painstaking and error-prone task, which is exactly what AI is meant to solve,” said Adam Carmi, CTO of Applitools. “Applitools’ core Visual AI technology helps automate test maintenance processes and does most of the heavy lifting to save test engineers and developers time while reducing errors. The assistant-like Visual AI recommendations are uniquely intelligent, accurate, and right-on-time to ensure that customers are tapping the full potential of the Applitools Platform. We are giving test engineers the time back to write new tests instead of getting bogged down in laborious and tedious maintenance work.”

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