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1/10/2022 10:09:06 AM
App modernization in 2022
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App modernization in 2022


App modernization in 2022

Monday, January 10, 2022

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Ajay Patel, the General Manager for VMware’s Modern Applications & Management Business shares his predictions about app modernization in 2022. He discusses why Spring Boot with Kubernetes will likely be the platform of choice for app modernization, and how it enables developers and DevOps teams.

Ajay Patel is the General Manager for VMware’s Modern Applications & Management Business with the mission to be the leader in application modernization, cloud-native application development, and multi-cloud management through VMware Tanzu and vRealize portfolio.

Ajay has over 30 years of enterprise software expertise. Ajay previously served as the Treasurer and board member for Cloud Foundry Foundation. He is also a board member and technical adviser to several private & venture-funded software companies. Ajay holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. Patel discusses his 2022 predictions about Spring Boot and why it will drive app monetization and helps developers stay up to date with architecture styles, without having to learn new languages or frameworks.

Spring Will Drive App Modernization In 2022

In 2022, Spring Boot with Kubernetes will be the platform of choice for app modernization due to its large community ecosystem and proven track record. According to the Jrebel Java Developer Productivity Report 2021, 69% of customers’ main application is developed with older Java and are primed for modernization. Likewise, a Jakarta EE Developer Survey Report shows that 60% of surveyed respondents report Spring/Spring Boot as the leading framework for building cloud-native applications. In an increasingly digital world where business requirements can change overnight, the only way for organizations to thrive and meet app modernization goals is to prioritize developer productivity and agility.

Even as modern architectural patterns and multi-cloud infrastructure become the norm, software engineering leaders continue to use Spring to deliver production results. VMware’s State of Spring 2021 report shows strong, sustained adoption of Spring, with 61% of organizations surveyed saying Spring is their primary or only development platform. With Spring, developers can keep up with modern architecture styles without learning new languages or frameworks and run production software quickly, securely, and in a scalable manner. DevOps teams will continue to rely on Spring to build applications that take advantage of today's infrastructure advancements while unlocking agility.

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