1. App Developer Magazine Launches with Issue 1
4/30/2013 9:48:46 AM
App Developer Magazine Launches with Issue 1
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App Developer Magazine

App Developer Magazine Launches with Issue 1

Richard Harris Richard Harris in iOS Tuesday, April 30, 2013

App Developer Magazine issues first release in 2013.

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri USA – (April 21, 2013) App Developer Magazine has announced the official launch of its new magazine with the debut of its first issue this month. Available in print, online, and mobile, the monthly magazine targets the mobile industry including mobile app developers, app entrepreneurs and organizations that wish to utilize mobile enterprise apps. 

The magazine offers an insider’s perspective to the rapidly evolving app development industry. The first trade magazine of its kind, each monthly issue provides expert evaluation of the mobile ecosystem written by leading mobile developers, enterprise mobility specialists, and others with specific expertise in the industry.
“The magazine provides a monthly snapshot of the business of mobile as it relates to app development. While app developers will find the content specifically relevant, anyone who is invested in mobile technology or would like to utilize mobile to enhance their business model, will find the magazine of significant value.”
App developers and app entrepreneurs will find in-depth information about methods, products and services that help them build, market, monetize, and deliver apps across the mobile ecosystem.

Information technology professionals will find advice on how to integrate mobile enterprise opportunities into their current IT structure. Strategies and execution as they relate to BYOD, security, and the consumerization of the IT department are just some of the issues that are discussed in each issue of App Developer Magazine.

“We cover much more than simply developing apps for the Apple and Android markets,“ said Richard Harris, Executive Editor. “There are a number of rapidly emerging opportunities for app development as a proliferation of new markets, hardware, and user purchasing options continues to be introduced.” 
More information on the magazine is available at www.appdevelopermagazine.com

Richard Harris, Executive Editor

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