3/1/2013 7:06:27 AM
App Annie Introduces Hourly Rankings, Parent Publishers, and more
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App Annie Introduces Hourly Rankings, Parent Publishers, and more

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Friday, March 1, 2013

How many times do you as a developer check your revenue or ranking during the day? Unfortunately the ranking reports are always at least a day delayed - until now.

App Annie, the mobile app analytics and reporting website has introduced hourly rankings which gives you the ability to see your apps ranking every hour - which will be essential for SEO and marketing in general. So far this is only available for iOS apps in the Apple store but is ready to use now through your dashboard.

Also, they now have rank history by the hour for all iOS apps so that you can closely track your rank to see that your marketing dollars are doing their job.

You can now also report on "Parent Publishers" which is the basically the ability to map out the relationships of one app company owning another (or multiple accounts owned) in one dashboard.

They also now let you download the data reports from your analytics and dump them straight to CSV format.

Finally, their Analytics API is graduating into private BETA.  The API enables all Analytics customers, to be able to access their data programmatically, including downloads, revenues, IAPs, ratings, reviews… and rankings

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