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4/14/2015 8:13:23 AM
AnyPresence Launches JustAPIs Platform to Build and Deploy RESTful APIs
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AnyPresence Launches JustAPIs Platform to Build and Deploy RESTful APIs


AnyPresence Launches JustAPIs Platform to Build and Deploy RESTful APIs

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

AnyPresence, an enterprise backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) provider, has released a new service called JustAPIs - a solution for building and deploying modern RESTful APIs.

JustAPIs is designed to solve the API building challenge from the perspective of the enterprise app developer. The platform provides a quick, easy way to define and deploy APIs with specific signatures (API headers and parameters), which can either be standalone services with JavaScript-based business logic, or connect to existing legacy and SOAP-based web services in the enterprise (similar to an API gateway). 

The JustAPIs solution is a high-performance, compiled executable that can run on any Linux, Windows, or Mac OSX based hardware, from a single developer’s laptop to large-scale, clustered production environments. With zero dependencies, JustAPIs can be installed instantly and includes sample APIs with familiar JavaScript-based business logic, so developers can be up and running with their own API server quickly. 

A browser-based administrative application, powered by the JustAPIs server, enables developers to define API endpoints with modern formats and workflows that can connect to corporate services behind the firewall, combining multiple legacy calls into a “composite” response.

The JustAPIs platform can be applied to a wide variety of use cases including:

- Building new API workflows using familiar JavaScript business logic
- Converting existing legacy SOAP or XML web services to any modern API format
- Simulating production APIs and augmenting them with sample data for Hackathons
- Migrating mobile apps from legacy services to a modern MBaaS with minimal impact to client-side code
- Serving up APIs from microprocessor-based IoT devices with a low-footprint server

The platform allows the ability to build new APIs using JavaScript to create new APIs within minutes. Developers can leverage reusable libraries and share code samples to bring new services to market faster. This functionality includes:

- Browser-based, declarative API builder and API Management
- JavaScript and Underscore.js helper functions for business logic
- The ability to run a self-contained local instance on a laptop, with migration to server mode for production scalability
- Enhance APIs with enterprise MBaaS, cross-platform SDKs, and UI starter kits with the AnyPresence Platform

The JustAPIs provides the ability to create modern RESTful APIs on top of legacy HTTP services, making them instantly accessible to web and mobile apps as well as IoT devices. This functionality includes:

- Transform legacy web service formats into JSON using JavaScript
- Define workflows with conditional logic and parallel calls to create “composite APIs” that combine results from multiple sources
- High-performance compiled binary minimizes latency and ensures high-throughput
- Coming soon is the ability to import WSDL files and use helper functions to streamline conversion of SOAP to REST web services

The JustAPIs platform allows organizations to simulate live APIs and add sample data in shared or dedicated sandbox environments to enhance hackathon experiences. This functionality includes:

- Define APIs that look identical to production systems but return sample data and simulated results
- Enable developers to define new APIs that mash up third-party APIs with their own, resulting in API innovation
- Generate API keys with bandwidth and usage entitlements (coming soon)
- Reduce “Time to Hello World” and increase API adoption with cross-platform SDKs and test kits powered by the optional AnyPresence Platform

Developers can set up proxy APIs to migrate an app to a new backend server without having to change any app code. This functionality includes:

- Create APIs that simulate existing app backend API endpoints and route them to a new backend server over time
- Minimizes the amount of changes needed in existing apps
- Helps transition from legacy backend services to modern infrastructure, including cloud-based MBaaS solutions
- Detailed, customizable logging for debugging, performance tuning, and analytics support via tools like Splunk

Read more: http://justapis.com/

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