10/31/2015 8:09:33 AM
Akana's API Management Platform Now Offers API Description Language Mediation
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Akana's API Management Platform Now Offers API Description Language Mediation

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Saturday, October 31, 2015

Akana’s API Management platform now offers support for the leading API description languages, including the ability to translate between them. 

The new API description language mediation provides the opportunity to translate between different API description languages allowing the platform to make API publication and consumption faster and easier by allowing API administrators to define and publish their APIs using the language of their choice. Developers are then able to choose the description language they want to work with based on their own preferences.

API developers can define and document their APIs using a language like RAML, complete with interface definition, model objects and detailed instructions, and the Akana API platform generates all the other description languages with their own formats for interface, model object, and documentation, allowing app developers to choose a language like Swagger that aligns with their preferred development tools.

Included are the four primary description languages based on evolving standards for describing APIs: RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML), Swagger, Web Application Description Language (WADL) and Web Service Description Language (WSDL).  

The Akana API Management platform allows API publishers to use whichever of the four primary API description languages they choose to define, document, and publish their API with the added ability to choose different languages for definition and documentation.  It then automatically generates each of the other description language documents, allowing app developers to choose which description language they want to work with.

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