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8/28/2017 2:14:14 PM
AI will create more jobs than it takes
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AI will create more jobs than it takes

Artificial Intelligence

AI will create more jobs than it takes

Monday, August 28, 2017

James Ramey James Ramey

Artificial Intelligence will create US jobs rather than take them.

It is safe to say AI-powered terminators will not be taking over the world anytime soon. But the idea of AI automating jobs and taking them away from Americans has been the talk of the town. AI, known as artificial intelligence, has had increased use amongst large companies with its intelligent technology ranging though many industries. Instead of consumers focusing on the negative "what ifs," the spotlight should be moved to how much AI has reinforced large companies in the customer care department. Because of this, AI may actually create more jobs in the U.S. instead of taking away jobs.

As mentioned earlier, AI has carved a path across many industries today. The incorporation of AI to complete tasks humans would usually complete has moved companies forward. Within the customer care industry, AI has been used to create advanced customer systems such as chatbots. These bots can be interacted with by customers either through the web, mobile apps, or over the phone. Customers want positive customer service experiences, and today, AI is helping companies give that to their customers.

Because AI can automate general customer care interactions, customers can have their problems resolved through the bot, leaving live agents to be able to speak with customers with more complex and specific problems. AI and live agents are becoming the power couple of the customer care industry.

A recent article from Harvard Business Review revealed how subjects of several studies felt on the topic of AI on automation and jobs. Some participants believed that 47% of jobs will fall under automation by the year 2033. Others concluded there will be a small job loss of 4% by 2020. The article declares however, that the idea of AI taking over the majority of jobs is over exaggerated since today AI is mostly used by companies for digital system purposes in customer care departments.

This leads to discuss "tier-one" positions often found offshore. If wondering what tier-one positions are, it's the first customer service agents contacted for questions on a product or service. Because AI technology is rapidly creating opportunities in customer care, such as online chatbots and downloadable self-help materials, customers can resolve their own general questions. This decrease in tier-one live agents leaves an opportunity for companies to expand and reinvest in positions for "tier-two" agents.

Tier-one takes care of general inquires, thus tier-two takes care of more refined and sophisticated customer questions. Technology's quick advancement is creating a demand for live tech-savvy customer care agents. There seems to be a new smartphone, laptop, or social app being introduced to consumers every few months, which means an increase in troubleshooting issues and complex inquiries with these technologies.

Though it seems like a separation is being made, AI taking care of tier-one positions and live agents in tier-two, AI and live humans can help each other during customer interactions to create positive customer experiences. Because AI is a machine learning technology, live agents can use AI to access support materials to answer customer inquiries. A smarter AI benefits live agents in assisting customers and resolving inquiries in a short amount of time.

Because AI technologies are constantly expanding, the demand for the workforce to become tech-savvy is increasing. This means more IT positions or other tech-related openings need to be filled for companies to keep up with tech-related inquiries. However, this doesn't put a barrier between tech industries and other unrelated industries. AI is benefiting customer-care systems across all industries. This gives the potential of creating numerous U.S.-based jobs for people who have reasonable to advanced knowledge in AI technologies for customer assistance.

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