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2/3/2016 5:36:41 PM
Aerospike NoSQL Database Adds New Functionality for WebScale Applications
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Aerospike NoSQL Database Adds New Functionality for WebScale Applications


Aerospike NoSQL Database Adds New Functionality for WebScale Applications

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Aerospike has released the latest version of its NoSQL database offering new features that provide more personalized applications, more efficiency and greater stability across public and private clouds. 

The Aerospike platform is a distributed NoSQL database and key-value store architected for web-scale applications. It provides a high-performance database that can manage and process increasingly greater volumes, velocities and varieties of data with no performance degradation as an application scales. 

Aerospike provides data integrity, high-availability, predictable performance and high-speed transactional capacity. New core functionalities of the Aerospike 3.7 release include:

- Geospatial indexing to bring more immediacy and physical reference points to applications;

- Streamlined list operations that make it possible to change data in a list directly on the server and remove the need to transfer data in order to manipulate the dataset;

- Cluster stability advances that eliminate disruption from cloud provider infrastructure changes or ongoing maintenance; and

- For developers, the recently announced Async C Client 4.0 provides pipelining capabilities that provide dramatic improvements in efficiency when working over WAN networks.

Highlights of Aerospike 3.7 include:

- Enhanced Geospatial Support: Aerospike can now store GeoJSON objects and execute various queries, allowing an application to track rapidly changing geospatial objects or simply ask the question “what’s near me.” Google’s S2 library and Geo Hashing are used to encode and index these points and regions.
- Server-Side List Operations: Aerospike can store and retrieve lists and maps, and is now extending the ability to directly manipulate lists via a set of commands on the server, while maintaining predictable performance at scale, regardless of the size of the data set. List manipulation features now include: fast, efficient modification of list structures; improved concurrency of access and native API access in each client driver
- Adaptive Clustering: Aerospike has been engineered with new algorithmic enhancements to improve cluster stability for environments such as Google Compute Engine and Amazon EC2, eliminating disruption caused by a cloud provider’s infrastructure changes or ongoing maintenance, and thus providing greater application availability.

- Async CClient 4.0: The latest version of the Async CClient provides native support for the libev and libuv events frameworks and provides async operations for single record operations, scans, batch operations and Queries.

- Other capabilities: Aerospike 3.7 also brings dozens of other new capabilities that make it faster and easier for developers and IT teams to create and manage innovative new applications, including: improved statistics for migrations; improved management for data migration, the option to use local time in log messages, the ability to add stop-writes threshold on a per set basis, the option to include or exclude LDT data in scans and the ability to dynamically change the unicast heartbeat addresses. 

Read more: http://www.aerospike.com/technologies/#technologie...

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