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2/15/2017 10:02:27 AM
Advancing transformational and intelligent transportation technologies
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Advancing transformational and intelligent transportation technologies

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Advancing transformational and intelligent transportation technologies

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America's policy recommendations on how to advance the research and deployment of transformational and intelligent transportation technologies.

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) released today its “The Road Ahead: The Next Generation of Mobility” public policy roadmap that provides policy recommendations on how to advance the research and deployment of transformational and intelligent transportation technologies. Specifically, the roadmap provides recommendations on policy issues that are shaping the next generation of transportation driven by robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, wireless communications, and cloud computing. 

Issues include cybersecurity/privacy, looking for new and long-term funding and financing options around much needed transportation investment, issues around easing the transition to automated and connected vehicles, increasing integration of technologies that improve the operational life and efficiency of our road networks, and energizing new business models of passenger and freight mobility.

“Advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, wireless communications and more make this a pivotal moment for U.S. leadership in the intelligent transportation arena,” said ITS America President and CEO Regina Hopper.  “This roadmap provides Federal, State, and Local policymakers with the tools to capitalize on this innovation—from automated vehicles to highways and traffic lights that communicate in real time with drivers on the road. Now is the time to jumpstart the economy and save thousands of lives per year.”

The roadmap was developed in consultation with ITS America’s unique membership - which brings together all key stakeholders in the intelligent transportation movement - including established and emerging private companies, state and city department of transportation officials as well as leaders in the academic and research communities. Together, they are determined to make the next generation of mobility a reality by building a U.S. transportation infrastructure that is the technological envy of the world.

“Innovations like connected and automated vehicles have the potential to dramatically impact transportation safety and will help move us toward the goal of zero deaths on the nation's roads," said Jill Ingrassia, immediate past chairman of ITS America and managing director of Government Relations and Traffic Safety Advocacy at AAA. "It's time for Congress and the Administration to work together to facilitate the implementation of modern, innovation-driven transportation policies that will result in safer, more reliable and efficient mobility, helping to save lives across the country."

In the year ahead, ITS America will work with policymakers at all levels of government - Federal, State, and Local - to rebuild and modernize transportation infrastructure with smart transportation investments that create jobs, save lives, and cut costs by leveraging underutilized transportation assets. Additionally, the organization will urge President Trump and Congress to build out transportation infrastructure by including roadmap recommendations in upcoming infrastructure proposals.

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