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2/7/2017 3:03:00 PM
AIpowered operational analytics
AI-powered Operational Analytics,Machine Data,Cognitive Intelligence,Analyze Logs
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AIpowered operational analytics


AIpowered operational analytics

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Digital transformation is augmenting every customer experience and has already become the dominant medium for growth in any business. According to a Gartner survey, rapid growth is expected to continue with 87 percent of businesses explicitly considering digital transformation in their capital allocation planning for the next two years. IT operations and application monitoring tools in the market today rely on manual work and deliver substandard customer experience for the digital era, creating a new market opportunity for advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools to fill this gap with an automated, proactive approach.

“"Many organizations implement log analysis solutions using manual techniques, however very few organizations derive the data’s full value from those efforts,”" said John L. Myers, managing research director, Enterprise Management Associates –a Boulder, CO based industry analysis firm. “The transformation towards digital economy based on mobile and online apps requires an automated process that can extract insights out of the logs from complex IT environments.

That's why companies like Loom Systems are looking to provide AI-powered operational analytics platform used for real-time detection and resolution for any type of application. Targeted at DevOps and IT professionals, their system analyzes logs and semi-structured machine data for immediate visibility into a company’'s digital environment. The goal of this being to accelerate detection and resolution of IT problems in real-time.

Loom Systems takes digitized information in structured, semi-structured or uncommonly structured text format and structures it automatically. By mathematically modeling how humans analyze such structures, they fuse analytical skills with computational speed to simulate and enhance the entire data analysis cycle. The solution considers each metric and tracks it to learn its unique baseline and behavioral pattern over time to detect anomalies and predict future trends. And whala, their platform generates the insights from your raw data and with zero configuration or maintenance of the IT stack.

Key features:

- Zero pre-processing required
- Detection of hidden and emerging issues in data and correlation of problems between all applications and services
- All data dynamically aggregated and correlated in real-time
- Automatic root-cause analysis
- Alerts with insights and recommended resolutions from its Tribal Knowledge Bank, that contain a wide set of built-in recommended resolutions
"At Loom Systems, we’'ve built a platform to understand, reason and learn about constantly evolving digital environments and operational complexity,”" said Gabby Menachem, founder and CEO, Loom Systems. "“We build cognitive intelligence and expertise into a new set of tools that analyze logs, metrics and machine-generated data –just like DevOps application managers and IT professionals do every day –but with unprecedented speed and scale.”"

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