1. Admob Introduces The CPM Floor
4/19/2013 8:46:22 AM
Admob Introduces The CPM Floor
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Admob Introduces The CPM Floor

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Friday, April 19, 2013

Do you ever wish you could tell an ad network what the lowest paying ad you want displayed in your app is? Google Admob has created a way for developers to "set a floor" for the lowest CPM developers want to  accept. Essentially you are telling the mobile ad to display the highest performing ad as possible, something you think they would do automatically but the idea behind it is you can set a high level of ads through Admob, but if they can't serve you an ad with that CPM you can choose to back-fill your ad space from another network. There are some things to be aware of though when using the new beta program:
  • Make sure the eCPMs you’ve set for your other ad networks are accurate.
  • They don’t guarantee the final value of the eCPM, since we don’t know if a user will click on the ad.
  • The beta is available to all AdMob developers globally, as long as you are using AdMob Mediation.
"We’re giving you more control over the value of ad impressions served to your apps by AdMob. The AdMob eCPM Floor beta allows you to set a minimum CPM you would like to receive for each ad." says Admob / Google

Read more: http://support.google.com/admob/answer/2423722?hl=...