1. ActiveState's Stackato PaaS Now Provides Free 20GB Cluster For Your Apps
8/1/2014 8:18:05 PM
ActiveState's Stackato PaaS Now Provides Free 20GB Cluster For Your Apps
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ActiveStates Stackato PaaS Now Provides Free 20GB Cluster For Your Apps

ActiveState's Stackato PaaS Now Provides Free 20GB Cluster For Your Apps

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Friday, August 1, 2014

If you develop using ActiveState we found some freebies for you! They are now providing a free 20GB cluster for commercial web and mobile apps. The company just launched free access to their PaaS Stackato: Clustering up to 20GB in production. 

ActiveState's free Micro Cloud license will enable access to Stackato clusters using up to 20GB of RAM, to open up accessibility for IT Ops to leverage scalability, high availability and load balancing of applications in production, free of charge. 

Along with the free Stackato 20GB Cluster, some key features are being added with the next iteration of Stackato v3.4: Application Rollback and Versioning: this feature has been the most requested by developers, and there are more. Check out some of the highlights of the release;
  1. Stackato 20GB Cluster: Access to build a Stackato Cluster for free with 20GB of memory available for use in a production environment or internally.
  2. Application Rollback and Versioning: Ability to revert to a prior version; safety net for developers when promoting a newer version of an application; zero application downtime when deploying a newer version or rolling back.
  3. Cloud Foundry Upstream Merge: These updates include gnatsd, services v2, buildpack management, buildpack caching and more.
  4. User Management and Governance Enhancements: Provide the ability to see when Stackato users last logged in, and whether users have ever accessed the system.
  5. Quota Usage Dashboard and Enhanced Monitoring: Enables further control and monitoring of applications with enhancements to Logyard, quota usage dashboard and notifications about the latest Stackato updates.
  6. Sentinel: Enhanced system upgrades functionality.
If you are interested in how access to clustering can help more problem-solving ideas to be turned into commercial applications this is worth checking out, plus it's free!

Read more: http://www.activestate.com/press-releases/activest...

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