1. Upsight Releases DataMine As Mobile Platforms Continue To Take Off
12/8/2014 7:00:54 PM
Upsight Releases DataMine As Mobile Platforms Continue To Take Off
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Upsight Releases DataMine As Mobile Platforms Continue To Take Off

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Upsight Releases DataMine As Mobile Platforms Continue To Take Off

Monday, December 8, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Upsight has released an overhaul of Upsight DataMine. Upsight DataMine is an enterprise-grade business intelligence platform which now runs twice as fast. The platforms is a next-generation cloud data mining solution where enterprise organizations can better understand user behaviors through tapping into 3rd party data or across any channel.

The platforms is crucial to enterprises that want to improve user experiences and marketing campaign performance. Josh Williams, Chairman and CTO of Upsight highlighted that DataMine addresses the challenge in helping the enterprise connect multi-channel data sources and build a complete understanding of their customer, so they can quickly adapt to ever-changing user behaviors.

Upsight suggests the following for enterprises which need a data solution: 

  • Consume data from multiple channels including mobile, social, online, and real-world 
  • Quickly return answers to queries of entire datasets, not sampled subsets of data
  • Work with existing business intelligence solutions for easy data visualizations
  • Integrate with tools like email and mobile messaging platforms
Upsight DataMine’s solution is can replace a lot of weaknesses that analytics and business intelligence solutions may have or lack of in the mobile department. Enterprises are also using such mobile data platforms to further scale and combat siloed data sources. Cross-channel customer data can pose complexities. These challenges arise within mobile data gathering and the effectiveness of such data systems are impacted when conducting data analysis.

DataMine features the ability to combine deeper insights through quiry multi-channel data. This data is also trackable to any cohort. Users can scan customer queries. The platform also allows an outlet to uncover revenue channels by identifying top purchasers and better understanding of the behavioral links used to improve acquisition and loyalty.

Upsight’s mobile revenues have doubled since 2013, with the growth of mobile businesses and as mobile businesses adopt enterprise mobile analytics and marketing solutions.  The next generation solution of DataMine is much faster and has the ability to address business questions and provide access to actionable insights.


Read more: http://www.upsight.com/datamine

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