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10/17/2016 1:01:20 PM
The JS Foundation forms to help javascript and servers play nicer together
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The JS Foundation forms to help javascript and servers play nicer together


The JS Foundation forms to help javascript and servers play nicer together

Monday, October 17, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

StackPath just announced an official partnership with the Linux Foundation, to form the JS Foundation - an effort put in place to support technologies that complement JavaScript projects. StackPath’s involvement in this foundation results from its mission to integrate top security offerings into development practices. 

The JS Foundation is committed to helping JavaScript application and server-side projects cultivate best practices and policies that promote high quality standards and broad, diverse contributions for long-term sustainability.  

Initial projects being welcomed into the mentorship program include: Appium, Interledger.js, JerryScript, Mocha, Moment.js, Node-RED and webpack. Further, all jQuery Foundation projects will be united within the JS Foundation including jQuery, Lodash, ESLint, Esprima, Grunt, RequireJS, jQuery UI, Globalize, Sizzle, Jed, Dojo,

StackPath’s involvement in this project is an extension of its mission to bring a holistic and scalable security approach to the web services industry, integrating the need for top security quality in development practices. A major element of JavaScript development is the incorporation of security measures. StackPath is dedicated to easing this process by providing a development platform that automatically incorporates threat prevention and mitigation tools. 

StackPath provides a suite of mission-critical security web services, collating and leveraging information that each service gathers via a machine learning engine that becomes more threat-aware with each recorded event. A developer-centric solution, StackPath offers a platform built for scaling the growing threats within the cloud ecosystem, incorporating Distributed Denial of Service attack mitigation and Web Application Firewall.
Most recently, StackPath launched its SecureCDN platform, and has plans to release additional security and development products in the coming months.

Read more: http://www.stackpath.com/

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