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3/26/2014 10:59:59 AM
Snappii Announces Enhancements to Its Enterprise App Creation Platform
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Snappii Announces Enhancements to Its Enterprise App Creation Platform


Snappii Announces Enhancements to Its Enterprise App Creation Platform

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Snappii has announced several major feature enhancements to its mobility platform which allows businesses to quickly design, prototype, build via configuration, integrate, deploy, manage, and evolve enterprise apps across smartphones, tablets and web with no coding required.

New enhancements to the platform include:

Multi-device design capability: The Snappii Visual Editor now enables Platform users to create Apps for either or both Tablets and Smartphones. Snappii users now have an ability to create either a universal App that will auto scale to any Tablet or Smartphone device, or create device-specific views, or “ Canvasses,” to take advantage of the additional space available on Tablets. The end result is a Mobile App that auto detects the screen size of any device and presents a specifically designed user interface for that screen size. 

The Snappii Visual Editor enables users to quickly switch between different device-specific design screens, copy an App onto another screen and adjust the element size for optimal look and feel. Multi device Mobile App development has never been so easy and precise.

Custom Login/Sign up: Snappii App creators have total control over the App registration and the login process. For example, App creators can decide which fields are mandatory in order for users to register or login.

Ability to draw on images captured on the device: Snappii App users now have the capability to add important memos and drawings on photos taken by the App and email them if desired. For example, for Field Service Apps, this is an essential feature and indispensable when it is necessary to point out details in the field. Capture live data anytime, anywhere, just edit and share.

Pre populate location and date/time fields: Snappii users don’t need to specify their current location and date/time anymore. If this feature is included, the App will retrieve this data automatically.

Press button effect for the Android Platform: Apps on the Android Platform have been significantly enhanced. For example, now buttons on Android devices when pressed, change color giving the user a visual cue making the App more intuitive and clear to user.

Read more: https://www.snappii.com/resource-center/snappii-en...

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