1. Sendbird opens self-service portal for Sendbird calls APIs
9/29/2020 1:15:09 PM
Sendbird opens self-service portal for Sendbird calls APIs
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Sendbird opens self-service portal for Sendbird calls APIs


Sendbird opens self-service portal for Sendbird calls APIs

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Sendbird's self service portal for Sendbird Calls APIs makes it fast and easy for organizations to bring the power of voice and video to their apps.

Sendbird has opened a self-service portal for Sendbird Calls APIs. The new option makes it fast and easy for organizations to bring the power of voice and video to their apps. The company has also added several new features to the APIs, including call event webhooks and on-device recording. Additionally, Sendbird’s voice and video technology has been integrated into Lotte’s new Charlotte Home offering, which is poised to become a popular Alexa alternative in Korea.

“One of COVID-19’s most significant consequences is the social isolation millions of people feel,” said Sendbird founder and CEO John Kim. “By bringing voice and video into popular apps, Sendbird can help foster a more human experience in online interactions, reducing feelings of isolation by connecting users in a highly personal way. This is why we are now offering a self service option for our Sendbird Calls APIs. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to add voice and video calling into their applications. We believe that by doing so, we can help each other through these unprecedented times with our humanity in check.” 

Now anyone can add in-app audio and video calling with Sendbird’s self service option. Sendbird Calls voice and video APIs provide premium in-app audio and video interaction and immersive experiences no matter the user’s location. Designed for a mobile-first world with native SDKs for iOS and Android, the Sendbird Calls Voice API and Sendbird Calls Video API enable online communities, marketplaces, on-demand services, remote workforces and more to rapidly integrate 1:1 audio and video calling in their applications. To help anyone take advantage, Sendbird has introduced a new customer-friendly pricing model in conjunction with the self service option. 

Since debuting in March, Sendbird has prioritized incorporating new features to the popular Sendbird Calls APIs to enhance both the Calls platform and user experience. 

The latest release offers: 

  • Peer-to-Peer Calling: Provides a high quality, cost-effective option with lower latency.
  • Call Event Webhooks: Offer a simple way for separate systems to be integrated together. This enables users to create an action in response to an event, such as sending or receiving notifications from connected IoT devices.
  • On-Device Photo Capture: Allows users to trigger a snapshot from their camera to preserve a moment or key information from a call and store the image on their device, gaining full control of it. 
  • Device-Side Audio and Video Recording: Ensures that on-device recording is completely private. In contrast to cloud recording, users can save the audio and video files on their device. This feature optimizes the recording quality and protects the confidentiality of sensitive content.

Sendbird’s commitment to quality and innovation has translated to several new Calls customers across the globe.

“Sendbird Calls adds a new dimension to our marketplace by giving tradespeople the ability to have branded in-app calls with customers,” said Evan Morgan, CTO of UK-based Rated People. “It personalizes the experience, as customers know who’s calling them before they answer, and helps customers feel more comfortable when arranging for tradespeople to visit their homes. Our trades businesses benefit from increased contact rates and are able to highlight their responsiveness and good customer service from the get-go, making for great working relationships.”

“At Cupist, we are always looking for innovative ways to boost engagement and help members create deeper connections,” added Sanghwa Park, CTO of Cupist. “With Sendbird Calls we created ‘blind dates,’ a very fun and popular way for members to connect through voice calls. It integrated well with Sendbird Chat and streamlined our operations.”

Sendbird Calls was also selected as the provider of both voice and video capability for Charlotte’s calling and home monitoring functions based on Sendbird’s track record of success integrating in-app chat with major players in the Korean market. Additionally, Sendbird’s Android SDK provided all the needed functionality to integrate with Charlotte’s android-based device, and the new webhooks support delivered by Sendbird supports incoming call notifications for the device.

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