1. QMware NVIDIA and Oracle to advance hybrid quantum computing
3/20/2024 12:22:24 PM
QMware NVIDIA and Oracle to advance hybrid quantum computing
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QMware NVIDIA and Oracle to advance hybrid quantum computing

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

QMware, the quantum computing provider announced a collaboration with Oracle and NVIDIA, where they will be OCI and NVIDIA CUDA to test and develop new hybrid quantum computing services for enterprises.

QMware announced a new collaboration with NVIDIA and Oracle through which it will use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) powered by NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU clusters, as well as the NVIDIA CUDA Quantum open-source hybrid quantum computing platform, to test and develop a new state-of-the-art hybrid quantum computing service for enterprise customers. An initial version of the service will be demonstrated at Oracle CloudWorld London in March.

McKinsey’s latest Quantum Technology Monitor illustrates the rapid adoption and exploration of quantum technology – also reflected by QMware’s recent collaborations with partners such as NVIDIA. The demonstration of QMware’s new service will enable customers to explore new industrial use cases of hybrid quantum computing, which is a combination of classical high-performance and quantum computing that delivers the highest standard of processing power available today.

QMware announces collaboration with NVIDIA and Oracle to advance hybrid quantum computing for enterprises

The accelerated computing capabilities provided by NVIDIA A100 GPUs, coupled with OCI Compute bare-metal instances and RDMA cluster networking, will provide QMware with a diverse array of options for testing and developing commercially-valuable quantum computing applications that can be used in fields such as AI, quantum machine learning, and quantum-enhanced optimization. CUDA Quantum provides scientists with powerful simulation tools and capabilities to program hybrid CPU, GPU, and QPU systems.

"Hybrid quantum computing has the potential to reshape how businesses operate, gain insights from data, and innovate new products and services. QMware is a front-runner in this exciting field, and we are pleased to bring the power and flexibility of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to support them in building hybrid quantum services for enterprises," said Martin Peck, Vice President of Technology Software Engineering at Oracle.

"We are entering an era where quantum computing is transitioning from experimental to practical. Our collaboration with Oracle symbolizes a huge step in this journey. By combining QMware’s expertise in quantum technology with Oracle’s robust cloud infrastructure, we are scaling up quantum capabilities and simplifying its accessibility for businesses across all sectors," said QMware’s CEO and co-founder Markus Pflitsch.

"We build an ecosystem where developers, researchers, and business leaders collaborate to explore quantum computing’s potential in solving real-world problems. The future of quantum computing lies in its integration into the fabric of daily business operations, and through this collaboration, we are helping to make this future a reality," emphasized QMware’s CTO and co-founder George Gesek.

"High-performance quantum simulation is crucial for researchers to tackle the toughest challenges in quantum computing. Through collaborations with innovators such as Oracle and QMware, NVIDIA helps enable the world’s researchers to achieve breakthroughs toward useful quantum-integrated computing," said Tim Costa, Director of Quantum Computing and HPC at NVIDIA

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