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9/18/2014 7:48:32 PM
New Sensiya SDK Anonymously Analyzes Mobile User Actions to Target App Advertising
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New Sensiya SDK Anonymously Analyzes Mobile User Actions to Target App Advertising


New Sensiya SDK Anonymously Analyzes Mobile User Actions to Target App Advertising

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Sensiya has launched a new SDK for Android that enables developers to personalize mobile app content experiences for users. Sensiya’s SDK provides data on mobile users’ personal usage, patterns, and real-life behaviors enabling mobile apps to create an overall user experience that is uniquely tailored for each individual. 

The Sensiya SDK provides data on three elements: specific demographics of the user, activity recognition, and contextual awareness. It detects mobile user location, age, gender and other personal preferences and allows app developers to personalize content for a targeted app user. 

The SDK leverages the raw data available on the phone to create a holistic picture of a mobile user. It allows a developer to know the difference between activities such as cycling and driving, walking and running, and when the user is listening to music. Every action a user takes in real life is represented by a set of events.

Sensiya developed a set of algorithms that analyzes real life actions and transforms them to actionable, meaningful items. At the moment of installation, Sensiya SDK utilizes the huge amount of information found on the mobile device, without accessing third party sources, to deduct relevant pieces of data about the user.

Once installed, Sensiya SDK will instantly provide insights about the user on a web administrative panel. Developers can segment users into categories and create a personal experience and know exactly who their valuable users are. Developers have access to all the information that Sensiya SDK collects which is anonymous and unidentifiable. The longer the user chooses to keep the app installed, the better, more robust the experience Sensiya SDK can deliver. 

Read more: http://www.sensiya.com/sdk.html

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