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1/26/2023 2:47:44 PM
Major cloud provider to start pricing war in 2023
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Major cloud provider to start pricing war in 2023

Cloud Services

Major cloud provider to start pricing war in 2023

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Patrick McFadin from DataStax shares his 2023 predictions about AI/ML workloads, Kubernetes, why WebAssembly (WASM) data analysis projects will become hot in 2023, plus why we could witness a major cloud provider start a pricing war.

The current cloud pricing model is very restrictive and follows a Hotel California style of easy in, hard out due to egress prices. This creates a moat-like structure where everything a business does must occur within one cloud for cost reasons. Due to this, it is likely that a major cloud player will make a shift and drop egress pricing in 2023, setting off a major pricing war. This will allow businesses more flexibility in their cloud strategies, encouraging stronger multi-cloud use and easier pricing as businesses continue to exponentially increase the amount of data they keep in the cloud.

The killer app for WASM will surface in 2023.

WebAssembly (WASM) data analysis projects will become hot in 2023. WASM is a way to run code inside a browser. Browsers typically prefer JavaScript, the most popular language in the world. However, WASM allows you to run programs in C++, Rust, and others that allow for faster, stronger performance needed for the likes of 3D CAD. Currently, there is limitless potential but many are not doing a lot with WASM. However, we are already seeing that start to change with an influx of forums and posts about WASM on New Stack and other developer forums. As a result, 2023 could very well be the year we see the WASM killer app rise and change the game as we know it.


AI and ML workloads running in Kubernetes will overtake non Kubernetes deployments

AI and ML workloads running in Kubernetes will overtake non-Kubernetes deployments.

AI and ML workloads are picking up steam but the dominant projects are still currently not on Kubernetes. We expect that to shift in 2023. There has been a massive amount of focus put into adapting Kubernetes in the last year+ with new projects that make it more attractive for developers. These efforts have also focused on adapting Kubernetes offerings to allow for the compute-intensive needs of AI and ML to run on GPUs to maintain quality of service while hosted on Kubernetes.

Patrick McFadin

Patrick McFadin is the co-author of the O’Reilly book 'Managing Cloud Native Data on Kubernetes.' He currently works at DataStax as the Vice President of Developer Relations at DataStax and as a contributor to the Apache Cassandra project. Patrick has worked as chief evangelist for Apache Cassandra and as a consultant for DataStax, where he had a great time building some of the largest deployments in production.

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