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3/4/2013 8:28:15 PM
Introducing the Amazon Mobile Ads API (Beta)
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Introducing the Amazon Mobile Ads API (Beta)

Press Announcements

Introducing the Amazon Mobile Ads API (Beta)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Amazon developers rejoice, they have now taken the next step to help you make more money!

Announcing the Amazon Mobile Ads API, now available in beta. The Amazon Mobile Ads API is an in-app display advertising monetization solution, which offers: 
  • A great monetization opportunity with competitive eCPM
  • High-quality ads from Amazon and brand advertisers such as Duracell Powermat and Nature's Bounty
  • Easy integration and tracking through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal
  • Distribution at scale through Amazon and other Android platforms

The Amazon Mobile Ads API serves ads to U.S. users, and works with mobile apps and games on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Android phones and tablets. Apps that use the Amazon Mobile Ads API may be distributed through any Android platform as long as they are available for download on Amazon as well.

"We decided to try Amazon's mobile ads because our overall revenue and eCPM on another network was low on tablets. We initially integrated the Amazon Mobile Ads API in one of our apps distributed through Amazon, since the majority of our users are on Kindle Fire devices. Our effort has paid off! We saw eCPM jump 300% and our revenue doubled, even though fill rate was lower at the beginning. Now, we have the Amazon Mobile Ads API integrated in all of our free apps distributed through Amazon." 

Read more: https://developer.amazon.com/login.html?login=http...

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