1. Four tips for better collections in API development
3/28/2018 1:31:03 PM
Four tips for better collections in API development
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Four tips for better collections in API development

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Four tips for better collections in API development

Richard Harris Richard Harris in API Wednesday, March 28, 2018

API Development tips and tricks to make your collections the best that they can be from Postman.

Whether your collections are for testing or documentation, collections are a way for humans to collaborate. A good collection clearly describes the behavior and usage of your API. These 2 types of collections typically have a different audience, are written by different authors and will contain different content. For these reasons, it’s a good practice to maintain separate collections for testing and documentation.

Follow these four tips for best practices:

  • Stay clean and tidy: Use folders to group together related requests or demonstrate a specific workflow. Secondary folders can then be nested under primary folders.

  • Include a quickstart: Include a quickstart somewhere in the collection and include a table for any required variables.

  • Explain authorization: Be explicit about the process so developers can easily roll it into their own apps.

  • Stay up to date: After making changes, refresh the collection to be shared so users will be importing the latest version.

In a recent blog post by Postman, they describe in more detail the some ways that you can follow in order to make your collections the best.

Read more: http://blog.getpostman.com/2018/03/08/the-good-col...