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7/29/2021 2:36:30 PM
Faster customer integrations from HackerOne
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Faster customer integrations from HackerOne


Faster customer integrations from HackerOne

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

HackerOne deployed Tray Embedded, enabling them to deliver faster customer integrations, maximize team efficiency, and reduce maintenance burden.

Tray.io has announced that HackerOne is using Tray Embedded to develop and deliver powerful customer integrations at scale. With Tray Embedded, HackerOne quadrupled its integration delivery speed to maximize developer efficiency and reduce the integration maintenance burden. Armed with seamless integrations, HackerOne customers can spend less time context-switching between tools and more time prioritizing and addressing vulnerabilities.

Security at the Speed of Innovation Requires Seamless Integrations

HackerOne gives organizations access to the world’s largest community of ethical hackers and offers a suite of products designed to establish cybersecurity best practices, identify vulnerabilities, and stress-test its customers’ attack surfaces. HackerOne hackers mitigate cyber risk by searching, finding, and safely reporting real-world security weaknesses for organizations across all industries and attack surfaces. Early on, the team at HackerOne knew that integrations would be vital in ensuring customers could quickly and reliably respond to security threats

Faster customer integrations from HackerOne

The company built an ecosystem to enable seamless integration into each customer’s unique tech stack, and demand was high. The number of niche SaaS application integration requests was constantly expanding. To maximize efficiency, reduce the maintenance burden, and deliver high-quality integrations at scale, the HackerOne team looked to Tray.io to help build and maintain customer integrations. 

“We initially evaluated a handful of integration tools, but quickly realized that they wouldn’t remove complexity for our customers. We didn’t want to leave our customers with the responsibility of manually standing up their own integrations, nor did we want to settle for limited connectors that couldn’t execute more robust operations. We needed a solution with a pre-built interface that could seamlessly embed in our existing integration marketplace. Not only did Tray Embedded offer a unique approach to help us deliver high-quality customer integrations at scale, but now we can eliminate complexity in the backend and present a clean and white-labeled interface to our customers,” said Martijn Russchen, senior product manager at HackerOne.

Tray Embedded Enables the Rapid Deployment of High-quality, White-labeled Integrations

Since implementing Tray Embedded, HackerOne quadrupled its integration delivery speed – developing and deploying new customer integrations in two to three weeks, compared to two to three months prior to engaging with Tray.io. Now, HackerOne has freed up valuable engineering resources to focus on more strategic projects, such as shipping new product features and functionality.

“Tray Embedded has allowed us to work on more projects while exceeding our customer integration needs and eliminating time spent retrofitting our integrations as other software tools update their APIs. Our rapid integrations make it significantly easier for customers to bake top-tier cybersecurity into their software development lifecycle and tech stacks,” continued Russchen. 

“HackerOne uniquely understands the incredible value of integrating its platform with the rest of its customers’ software development lifecycles. However, customer integrations are extremely challenging, often requiring significant time and developer resources to complete. With Tray Embedded, HackerOne has been able to create high-quality customer integrations in a quarter of the time it used to take – giving developers more time to work on improving cybersecurity efforts and deploying new features,” said Rich Waldron, CEO, and co-founder of Tray.io.

HackerOne plans to establish Tray Embedded as its central hub for rapidly deploying powerful, high-quality integrations helping customers to improve vulnerability management workflows and reduce risk. For more on HackerOne’s success with Tray Embedded, read the case study.

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