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10/6/2015 10:04:22 AM
Developers Can Now Use RingCentral To Integrate Business Communications Into Apps
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Developers Can Now Use RingCentral To Integrate Business Communications Into Apps


Developers Can Now Use RingCentral To Integrate Business Communications Into Apps

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

The RingCentral Connect Platform, currently in beta, is an open, self-service platform that allows developers to integrate business communications logic into enterprise applications. The platform opens APIs to expose the entire RingCentral cloud-based business communications system as an open platform.

The platform offers a family of cloud APIs and SDKs that provides developers direct access to voice, SMS, fax, account configuration, and communications data. Designed for scale, availability and speed, the developer platform leverages RESTful APIs to power connectivity to inbound and outbound RingCentral transactions and data.

With RingCentral Connect, developers can access multi-modal, real-time communications and messaging, supported by business logic and customer data management and reporting. This enables applications to not only send and receive calls and texts, but embed communication functionality into the business workflow of the application.

The platform model is similar to Salesforce.com, which has APIs that are used by customers and partners who want to integrate directly with their platform. Newly announced partners who have joined the RingCentral Connect Platform include:

- Apptivo: A cloud-based suite of business apps that integrates with RingCentral to enable click-to-dial, inbound screen pop, and business reports that are enriched with communication data.

- Bpm’online: A sales cycle and service management software that is integrated with RingCentral using their VOIP connector via SIP.

Nutshell: A CRM software that uses the RingCentral Softphone APIs for inbound screen pop and click-to-call for phone numbers within the customer app.

- Connectivity: A provider of customer profiles offered to businesses who have built an innovative BI solution for RingCentral customers so they can receive profile information based on phone numbers.

- TeamSupport: A helpdesk, customer support software that integrates with the RingCentral Softphone to perform click-to-dial and inbound screen pop.

- PCRecruiter: A recruiting management software uses the API for RingCentral Softphone calls and SMS texts.

- Sikka: A practice management software, automatically presents critical and consolidated patient information immediately when a patient calls.

As part of RingCentral’s continued Platform expansion, the company is now making available new PHP and C# SDKs, addressing offering a refined and expanded set of simplified methods for accessing the RingCentral Connect Platform. 

In addition, new API calls have been added, including the three-legged OAuth API which allows applications to prompt users to log into RingCentral and grant the application access to specific resources associated with that account, such as call logs or recordings.  Also, the Call Recording Access API has been added, allowing customers or partners to retrieve call recordings, and utilize them for data insights.

The RingCentral Connect Platform is available using RingCentral Office Premium and Enterprise editions. Developers get access to development tools enabling the ability to develop in a sandbox environment, manage applications, and get support. Tutorials and SDKs help get up to speed and start programming.

A public App Gallery lets software vendors and system integration partners deploy their apps to customers. The App Gallery showcases and promotes all apps and integrations built using RingCentral Connect Platform and provides instructions to users on how to install or set up 3rd party apps on RingCentral.

Read more: https://developer.ringcentral.com/

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