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11/16/2021 11:09:55 AM
Developer platform Haystack launches Enterprise solution
Developer,Platform,Haystack,Launches,Enterprise solution
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Developer platform Haystack launches Enterprise solution


Developer platform Haystack launches Enterprise solution

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Russ Scritchfield Russ Scritchfield

The developer platform Haystack grows 35% month-on-month as it launches an enterprise solution. The Haystack platform enables organizations to have better visibility with software development lifecycles and some organizations that already use Haystack include OutSystems, Cameo, and many more.

Engineering productivity company Haystack Analytics reported continued strong business performance as it introduces its enterprise offering less than 6 months after announcing seed funding. Revenues have increased by an average of over 35% month-over-month as demand amongst high-profile customers has grown.

Haystack provides a platform providing technology leaders visibility into the software development lifecycle, allowing engineering teams to deliver business value faster and more reliably whilst reducing developer burnout.

Developer platform Haystack grows 35% month-on-month as it launches Enterprise solution

Companies already using the platform include OutSystems, Cameo, The Economist, AngelList, and Indiegogo. Haystack has also secured enterprise deals in highly regulated sectors, including both healthcare firms and large financial services companies.

"It's certainly been a busy time as we have continued to see growing demand over the past few months. Today, Haystack is helping our customers accelerate software delivery, from biotech to fintech. Our commercial performance has been strong as more elite developer teams have signed up to use our service," said Julian Colina, Co-founder, and CEO of Haystack Analytics.

As demand amongst enterprise customers has grown, Haystack has continued to innovate to meet demand. New functionality includes a custom Query Builder, allowing advanced visualization of developer productivity data, alongside the ability to accurately map internal personnel transfers when calculating team performance.

Most recently, to assist businesses undergoing digital transformations, Haystack has launched new functionality to accurately track software deployments. This allows developer teams to accurately calculate lead times right to the point where business value is being shipped into production environments. Additionally, Haystack can offer these accurate lead time calculations without the software changes required by other analytics solutions.

Co-founder and CTO of Haystack Analytics, Kan Yilmaz, added: "To meet demand as our customer base has moved more upmarket, we have continued to deliver on adding more advanced functionality. With more developers working from home and more customers moving online, Haystack plays an ever greater role in helping our customers achieve successful business outcomes. Our new query engine has allowed our users to access new insights whilst allowing us to ship business value even faster."

  • Haystack Enterprise: In just 6 months since announcing seed funding, Haystack Analytics has secured its first enterprise deals from brand name customers.
  • Sustained Growth:  Haystack Analytics has continued to secure growth of its developer insights tool, achieving an average of 35% month-over-month growth in revenue.
  • Enterprise Features: New product functionality includes a Query Builder for understanding complex developer teams, accurate historical metrics, and advanced measurement of software deployments.

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