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6/2/2021 1:21:36 PM
Dev Interrupted Community launched by LinearB
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Dev Interrupted Community launched by LinearB


Dev Interrupted Community launched by LinearB

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Engineering leaders from GitHub, Netflix, and Honeycomb joined the dev interrupted community event from LinearB on May 20 to discuss continuous improvement.

LinearB, the team behind Software Delivery Intelligence, has launched the “Dev Interrupted” community, which consists of a Discord community, podcast, newsletter, and events. As an engineering leadership community with over 1,000 discord members, Dev Interrupted brings the most forward thinking minds together to establish the future of daily continuous improvement for software development teams.

Dev Interrupted presents new ideas by the world's most innovative engineering leaders at community events each month. On May 20 at 12noon PT, Dana Lawson, VP of Engineering at GitHub, Kathryn Koehler, Director of Productivity Engineering at Netflix, and Charity Majors, CTO of Honeycomb, joined the Dev Interrupted community for a livestream watch party focused on creating daily improvement in engineering organizations.

“Dev Interrupted is a place to promote organic, forward-thinking ideas from the new faces of software engineering leadership.” said Dan Lines, co-founder of LinearB  and host of the Dev Interrupted podcast. “It is not just a LinearB user community. We believe in creating a space that engineering leaders can come together, share ideas, have a bit of fun and have something tangible to take back and share with their teams.”

Dev Interrupted is led by community moderators that facilitate daily interactions in Discord. Discord is an anonymous chat-based community that allows openness, vulnerability and honesty between leadership peers. These unfiltered, organic discussions are valuable to the community for creating relationships and pushing new ideas forward. The Dev Interrupted Discord is a place where engineering leaders from around the world can connect on topics ranging from team culture, hiring, leadership and metrics.

Dev Interrupted Community

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