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11/13/2023 12:03:40 PM
API management capabilities from Traefik Labs
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API management capabilities from Traefik Labs


API management capabilities from Traefik Labs

Monday, November 13, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Traefik Hub recently unveiled API management features for enhanced day 2 operations, including streamlined versioning, rapid incident resolution, and expanded support for non-Kubernetes services.

Traefik Labs, the creator of Traefik Proxy, the ingress controller with more than 3 billion downloads, announced that they added new capabilities to Traefik Hub, the Kubernetes native and GitOps-driven Application Programming Interface (API) management solution. This latest update modernizes API runtime operations for platform teams that frequently encounter change management and incident management challenges.

"Today, APIs command the lion's share of internet requests, surging twice as fast as any other web traffic while the world witnesses the soaring adoption of Kubernetes, ushering a revolution in modern operations. Enterprises must embrace a revolution in their API Day 2 operations too, unlocking the boundless potential of GitOps and empowering geographically scattered teams to rally around a single source of truth," said Emile Vauge, founder and CEO, of Traefik Labs.

Traefik Labs launches API management capabilities to modernize API day 2 operations

Launched earlier this year, Traefik Hub addresses the challenges and limitations of traditional API management by providing a true Kubernetes-native experience with full GitOps compliance for simplicity, automation, and security. With the latest additions to Traefik Hub, organizations can further embrace a GitOps approach to deliver flexible API versioning, expedite incident resolution, and manage any APIs, anywhere.

Traditional API versioning is done manually within services, absent standardized practices, often leading to extended development cycles and increased likelihood of errors. Traefik Hub’s new API Version Custom Resource Definition (CRD) and semantic versioning offers a more intuitive and unified option, supporting all four versioning methods - URL path, query parameters, headers, and media type - offering superior flexibility compared with competitive offerings.

Incident management can often pose a formidable challenge, resulting in 'hair-on-fire' troubleshooting in the dead of night and leading to extended downtimes. Now with OpenTelemetry support which provides a holistic and unified view of system-wide health and performance, Traefik Hub enables early issue detection thereby reducing downtime and preventing large-scale outages. In addition, Traefik Hub guarantees swift incident mitigation through its GitOps-based rollbacks to ensure APIs can rapidly return to stable and known working configurations. This approach not only accelerates issue resolution but also alleviates the burden of on-call teams.

Managing legacy APIs, distributed across diverse systems and developed using a myriad of technologies, can present an obstacle to achieving a unified and centralized perspective of all APIs. Traefik Hub now supports Kubernetes External Services to facilitate unified API management, as well as transitions from traditional deployments to cloud-native microservices - all while maintaining an efficient, modern, and declarative operating model.

"These foundational capabilities form the cornerstone of our relentless journey in extending the power of Traefik Hub to Day 2 operations. And, they support our broader goal to deliver a highly reliable, collaborative, and operationally efficient API management experience for developers and platform teams," added Vauge.

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