1. App Developers Observe iOS Users in the Wild With Lookback
9/27/2013 6:47:51 PM
App Developers Observe iOS Users in the Wild With Lookback
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App Developers Observe iOS Users in the Wild With Lookback

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in iOS Friday, September 27, 2013

Something new for iOS app developers? Yes, there’s always some new/shiny/flashy tool or service to catch your eye, however how often is something not just new, but really unique? The two brother team of Carl and Jonatan Littke of the Ripple agency, a design and web development firm in Stockholm, have done just that with Lookback, their new user experience collector. 

A “Testing in the Wild” tool currently in a free public beta, Lookback helps developers view users of their app as they are actually using it, providing a unique sensory-visual feedback of the facial and environmental responses of users as they interact with the app. Developers integrate the Lookback SDK into a testing version of their app that users can download and start testing. 

Once the user has installed the app, they are given a straightforward interface to decide when to start and stop recording their use of the app. Once they have finished, the recording is automatically uploaded to the Lookback website where developers can analyze it. The service is not available in the Apple App Store and is only available to users with which a developer has a relationship with, are aware they are participating in testing of the app and are informed their participation video will be monitored by the developer.

Read more: http://lookback.io/

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