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1/6/2021 11:00:04 AM
5G deployment predictions for 2021
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5G deployment predictions for 2021


5G deployment predictions for 2021

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Vinay Ravuri, CEO of EdgeQ predicts that in 2021 enterprise 5G deployments will gain steam, spotlight the true value of 5G, and traditional consumer 5G vendors will be entering the enterprise space.

We will see a substantial increase in 5G trial initiatives by enterprises over the next 12 months, especially in verticals such as manufacturing, energy, and surveillance, to enable mission-critical applications that require low latency.

5G deployment in 2021, consumer handsets will remain the most widely adopted 5G use case, focused on allowing faster data speeds for users, before being overtaken by enterprise applications in 2022.

These enterprise and industrial deployments will offer more radical disruptions and significant value-added services and apps associated with 5G. They will utilize new attributes and properties, such as Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC), Massive-Machine Type Communications (MMTC), and private bands which are uniquely 5G.  (For example, when a mobile device misses frames while playing a YouTube video, this will only impact the user in a minor way. However, when an industrial surveillance drone or autonomous vehicle loses connection or is slow to receive critical signals, it may crash endangering safety, or leave field staff vulnerable to accidents and leading to significant equipment and property damages.) Efforts like CBRS and O-RAN will allow enterprises to deploy private 5G networks at lower operating price points, allow new providers to enter the market, and bridge the digital divide.

We may see traditional consumer 5G vendors entering the enterprise space, but these companies will struggle to pivot away from the traditional consumer markets based on available internal resources and expertise.

Incumbents will certainly not ignore the enterprise market; however, they are not likely to put all their eggs in that basket as newer players will.

Who is Vinay Ravuri?

Vinay Ravuri is the CEO and founder of EdgeQ Inc. Previously, Ravuri was VP of product management at Qualcomm, focusing on the company’s mobile and data center solutions. He has over 25 years of experience as an established executive and entrepreneur for mid-cap, large-cap, and startup ventures in high tech markets. He is also a strategic advisor to companies in infrastructure, compute, and software/platform space.

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