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Miigen is helping people store their memories

Picture storage app, Miigen, is helping their users store their memories for generations to come.

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11/27/2017 10:14:22 AM
Miigen is helping people store their memories
Posted Monday, November 27, 2017 by Christian Hargrave, Assignment Editor

Miigen is helping people store their memories
Miigen is an all new app that allows people to store and narrate old photographs in an online time capsule. It can be accessed on desktop, tablets and smartphones. Users simply log in, upload their images and narrate them by using the record function.

Judith Ralston, a BBC weather presenter, said: “I discovered Miigen a couple of months ago - not long after I watched the video of my mother - and I was really quite blown away by it. This simple idea, taking old photographs from our shoeboxes in the loft and being able to narrate and store them for our kids and grandkids is just wonderful.”

Miigen was created by Stirling entrepreneurs Craig Lemmon and Campbell Ferrier. The inspiration for their idea was also an emotional one. Campbell explained: “Both Craig and I had lost a parent quite close together and we both had to go through the difficult experience of sorting through old possessions. We both realised that we had discovered masses of treasure troves of old pictures that we had no knowledge of.

“It was really quite upsetting to think that all these memories would never be enjoyed in the future because the stories behind them were gone. The more we talked about this, the more we realised how passionate we were to do something about it. That’s how Miigen was born.”

The developers are already working on various other functions, including a biographer option which will allow people to become online custodians for community groups. Miigen is already working on a partnership with the Stirling Scouts which will allow current and former Scouts to create their own Miigen profiles. There’s a plan to roll the project out nationwide in early 2018.

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