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Gem4me messaging app is picking up steam
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Gem4me messaging app is picking up steam

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Apps Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mobile messaging app with an advertising rewards chatbot has reached over 300 million users.

Messaging app users have no shortage of options nowadays. Finding an app for comfortable communication with friends and relatives, out of the dozens of various messengers available on the market can be trial and error. Enter Gem4me, a messenger that offers a variety of unique functions apart from the main functionality of the ordinary messaging app. Alreading reaching 3 million users, the growing messenger is making it's mark, and there's good reason why.

The feature that is catching the eye of alot of people, is the in-app chat bot called "MakeMoneyBot". The bot offers users the ability to make money by telling friends about other notable applications. Developers of other apps can place their offers on the MakeMoneyBot platform, while Gem4me users will promote the application for a certain monetary reward. Each promotional tasks is controlled by a bot from where a user receives a link for the promotion, and shares it. When a new user downloads the application and sends any message inside the Gem4me messenger, the person who promoted it will receive a reward. 

The bot offers two tasks currently: promotion of the Gem4me messenger itself, which is controlled by the Gem4mePromotionBot, and promotion of the GambinoSlots gaming service (GambinoSlotsPromotionBot). Simply enter the name of any bot in the search bar of the messenger, for example, “Gem4mePromotionBot”, and you will receive an answer from the bot with a detailed description of the task. You can earn around $1.15(0.52 euros) for each new user that downloads the Gem4me application through your recommendation. Not a bad haul given the fact that you can invite an unlimited amount new users. A person can withdrawl funds earned to their Gem4me wallet at any time. 

When you are ready to collect rewarded earned, pressing the “$” sign during a chat to complete the authorization (or registration of the financial plugin, in case you are not registered yet). After that the user is able to attach any card to the Gem4me wallet and withdraw funds that are received from other users. You can also transfer funds to friends and relatives, regardless of what country the sender and the receiver are located in, as well as, pay for purchases and so on.  Here are a few screenshots of the app in action, it's available for Android users, as well as, for iOS devices. 

Read more: http://web.gem4me.com

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