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Apple search ads is taking a big bite of the market
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Apple search ads is taking a big bite of the market

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Marketing & Promotion Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mobile advertising index, AppsFlyer Performance Index H1 2017 - Edition V, has been released and shows Apple search ads worth it!

AppsFlyer has announced the release of their annual AppsFlyer Performance Index H1 2017 - Edition V in their latest blog post. The index gives insights into the leading advertising networks in the mobile gaming and app industries.

In the report, Apple Search Ads hit the #1 spot in the iOS ROI Index with a 30% higher ARPU and a 40% lower price than the other networks in this index.

"Apple has been delivering scale for non-gaming apps, ranking 8th in the universal volume index, and 3rd in the North America ranking. As a result, Apple Search Ads came in at #3 and #4 in the universal non-gaming and gaming power rankings, respectively." said AppsFlyer's blog post.

AppsFlyer Performance Index H1 2017 insights

  • Facebook and Google are dominating the mobile ad space at positions #1 and #2 on Android and #2 and #3 on iOS respectively.

  • Latin America has the highest share of installs coming from Google and Facebook, followed by Asia, Western Europe, and lastly North America.

  • Facebook and Google’s share of installs in non-gaming was 70% higher than their share in gaming. When looking at OS, their share on Android was almost 50% higher than iOS.


1.) Facebook
2.) Google
3. ) Unity Ads
4.) Apple Search Ads
5.) Applovin
6.) Chartboost S2s
7.) Vungle
8.) AdColony
9.) Liftoff
10.) Twitter


1.) Facebook
2.) Google
3.) Apple Search Ads
4.) Twitter
5.) AdColony
6.) Vungle
7.) AppLovin
8.) MUNDOmedia
9.) YouAppi
10.) Cheetah Mobile

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