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ShopAdvisor introduces version 3.0 of its API

ShopAdvisor shopping engagement and marketing campaign API has released it's version 3.0 for general availability.

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9/7/2017 12:09:32 PM
ShopAdvisor introduces version 3.0 of its API
Posted Thursday, September 07, 2017 by Christian Hargrave, Assignment Editor

ShopAdvisor introduces version 3.0 of its API
ShopAdvisor, Inc, has announced the general availability of Version 3.0 of the ShopAdvisor API. Version 3.0 is faster, more efficient, and more accurate at returning the information needed to power campaigns that provide each consumer with a personalized shopping experience on their smartphone. Brands use the API to power campaigns that engage the shopper intelligently and guide their path to purchase in store or online. In addition to Version 3.0 API enhancements, ShopAdvisor has grown its product catalog and availability data from a wide variety of retailers including big box retailers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and more.

"The industry buzz about a retail apocalypse may be a bit hyperbolic, but no one can deny the fact that brands, retailers and their agencies are anxious to connect with shoppers on their phones and motivate them to go into physical retail locations," says Jeff Papows, CEO of ShopAdvisor. "ShopAdvisor has proven time and again we can help them achieve this. Version 3.0 of our API makes it much easier and faster to develop these drive-to-store mobile proximity marketing campaigns. These improvements, coupled with the contextualized product and location data we are continually adding to our platform makes our offering a compelling solution that simplifies the process of engaging shoppers and bringing foot traffic into stores."

Key information:

- Product information for retailers and store locations carrying products matching your search query criteria (keyword, barcode, etc.)
- Retailers and store locations carrying products matching your search query criteria (keyword, barcode, etc.) This is perfectly suited for store location finders
- Local availability information for a product at specific retail locations
- Reports on five possible user actions including show results, contact the store, view location details, view product details, and view retailer details

"ShopAdvisor's new API release is a godsend to Price Patrol," says Vince Marconi, CEO and Founder of Price Patrol. "The increased speed and depth of offering empowers our partner retailers and shoppers to seamlessly connect in a way not previously possible. Everyone at Price Patrol is excited to go live with our latest offering, FOOTRAFFIC, which is powered by ShopAdvisor's API.

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