1. VMware CodeHouse increases the representation of women in tech
7/17/2017 11:25:31 AM
VMware CodeHouse increases the representation of women in tech
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VMware CodeHouse increases the representation of women in tech

Monday, July 17, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

VMware CodeHouse aims to equip the brightest female engineering students with a three-day coding experience.

VMware CodeHouse is a three-day coding experience where the brightest female engineering students from top universities across the U.S. come together to harness the power of collective thought and compete to develop the strongest solutions for increasing the representation of women in technology. We recently spoke with Laura Greenwald, VMware's Global Head of Talent Acquisition to talk more in-debth about the event. Here's what she had to say:

ADM: What exactly does VMware CodeHouse work?

Greenwald: In teams of four, students identify barriers for diverse individuals to enter the technology industry, and to use their technical expertise to tackle these barriers inventively and originally. Each team will craft a presentation of their solution using VMware’s Clarity design system, and showcase it to a panel of VMware’s senior women engineers, who will assess the solution on its technical, creative, and ideological merit. The winning team’s solution will be shared with the greater VMware R&D community.

ADM: What are the main barriers you see in tech that create the lack of diversity?

Greenwald: We may have an idea of what barriers exist in tech community that lead to a lack of diversity, but our attendees can speak for them personally and have unique insight on what they and their colleagues face every day as women in tech. Generally, we see a lack of access, a lack of interest, and a lack of understanding within the tech sector that systemically disadvantage diverse individuals from choosing engineering or other technical fields. But we believe that these students hold the power and possibility to shape the future of the industry for the better, so we want them to share their perspective - not only what they see as a barrier, but what tools the industry needs to break those walls down.
Laura Greenwald
Global Head of Talent Acquisition, VMware

ADM: Tell us about how participants benefit the most?

Greenwald: These participants are both sharp and driven to make an impact individually. Bring them together, and there’s an incredible opportunity to build a network for change and a force for good. The chance to work with a team of like-minded students on issues impacting future generations can be an invaluable experience for participants.

ADM: What are you expecting from this year?

Greenwald: As with before, we are always blown away by the ingenuity and drive CodeHouse participants have and their authentic passion for sharing their expertise in a meaningful forum. Our hope is that from VMware CodeHouse, our attendees build a network of women engineers that will be a beacon for the future of tech.

Read more: https://vmware.beamery.com/events/codehouse

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