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2/24/2017 4:10:51 PM
Signalling protection from AdaptiveMobile with new SPG
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Signalling protection from AdaptiveMobile with new SPG


Signalling protection from AdaptiveMobile with new SPG

Friday, February 24, 2017

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Signalling Protection Gateway by AdaptiveMobile expanding its core security offerings.

AdaptiveMobile announced it's Signalling Protection Gateway (SPG) - expanding its core security offerings with new network integration, deployment and routing capabilities to allow their Signalling Protection to be deployed independently from legacy or capacity limited network infrastructure.

The SPG is based on technology from Dialogic’s signalling platform. The partnership enables their signalling protection to be overcome the limitations of legacy networking technologies and enable fully virtualization platform deployments. As attacks via the signalling protocols become increasingly sophisticated, simplistic STP platform based security does not provide sufficient protection; in many networks today security solutions are compromised by the limitations and expense of legacy network infrastructure or incumbent equipment suppliers. AdaptiveMobile is now enabling its customers to break these restrictions and provide comprehensive security for their networks and subscribers.

“The signalling threats to mobile networks and subscriber security continue to evolve in sophistication and complex execution, and attacks have evolved quickly in response to the wide scale deployment of basic SS7 defences on STPs or basic firewalls. We know attackers have already penetrated these simplistic defenses.” said Brian Collins, chief executive officer of AdaptiveMobile. He continued, “This partnership with Dialogic future-proof networks and ensures that customers can react quickly to protect against imminent attacks.”

“Dialogic’s extensive experience in providing real-time telecom signalling solutions and its focus on carrier-grade, software-based platforms were extremely important to AdaptiveMobile,” said Bill Crank, President and CEO of Dialogic. He continued, “Dialogic’s DSI signalling platform was a natural fit for AdaptiveMobile’s customers who demand telco grade security capabilities that can extend into virtualization computing environments.”

The SPG secures the SS7 and LTE/Diameter networks using a unique combination of carrier-grade signalling firewall, advanced analytics and the unique threat intelligence from working with nine of the top 10 operator groups to protect over 1.5 billion mobile subscribers.

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