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Learn to code and fly a drone for $99 bucks
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Learn to code and fly a drone for $99 bucks

Richard Harris Richard Harris in SDK Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Moms and dads are going to be geeking out with their kiddies this holiday season with the latest Code This Drone Kit that teaches how to code, and how to fly a drone too. Best part is it's priced under $100 and includes the drone.

Parrot, the drone maker and Tynker, the leading creative coding platform for kids have teamed up to offer “Code This Drone” kits which not only teach STEM skills, spatial thinking and creative coding but enables all kids to become makers by programming and flying drones. It’s like feeding your kids spinach that’s baked inside of a cake - looks good and good for you!

For $99 you get the The “Code This Drone” Kit that comes with the Parrot Travis drone and a year subscription to Tynker. The kit allows kids to experiment with drone-coding blocks via a sequence of training puzzles in a virtual environment, and then build programs to control physical drones.
Several interactive tutorials, training puzzles and coding activities are available within the Tynker apps to give kids a head start in building drone apps, such as:

- Flappy drone – Program a drone to fly up and down and dodge real obstacles
- Stunt Pilot – Customize controls for a drone in order to do cool tricks and complete obstacle courses
- Flight Control – Program a controller for your drone and race with friends

Read more: https://www.tynker.com/codethisdrone/

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